10 leadership ideas to implement this week for your business (Video)

COVID 19 has forced businesses to quickly adapt and explore new ways of working. Leaders need to act fast and act now to ensure your team and business can navigate through the change. Take a much closer look at your customers and their exposure to COVID-19 and implement the necessary action in your business to not only survive during these unprecedented times but also thrive and innovate.  Rethink new ways of prioritizing internal communications and lead from the front with optimism, empathy, and resiliency.

Here are 10 leadership best practices that I’ve implemented at Totango and wanted to share with you as well.  Do one or do all. The time for action is now. Right now.

  1. Segment customers by COVID 19 exposure
  2. Communicate business continuity guidelines
  3. Get on Zoom with your key partners and customers
  4. Virtual office hours and weekly webinars
  5. Take action, don’t wait – try new things and don’t be afraid to fail
  6. Be optimistic (it’s time for out of the box thinking!)
  7. Weekly town hall meetings
  8. Daily leadership standups
  9. Share best practice with customers
  10. Lead from the front

In the spirit of supporting each other to get through this crisis, please leave a comment on our YouTube channel about what you are doing that is working for your business and your customers. I want to hear from you.

Useful resources that were mentioned in the video:

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