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4 Benefits of Keeping Your Customer Engaged

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Companies that design and deliver excellent customer experience (CX) have more engaged customers. Customer engagement is not something that happens by chance but rather an outcome of an exceptional and differentiated customer experience. There are a lot of “clone companies” out there and in this saturated market where everyone is a “me too!” service, having great CX could help your organization differentiate itself and give you a competitive edge.

As a result of great CX, you’ll find you have more engaged customers; and with more engaged customers you’ll be able to reap these 4 benefits:

1) Retention
Your engaged customers will continue doing business with you. How often do you change your primary email provider? Not really ever, right? That’s because they’ve got the features you want and you constantly find value from it. Even with Facebook, despite the fact users complain about features changing, they’re hooked and they’re not going anywhere.

2) Effort
Even though people are constantly on the hunt for the lowest price out there, engaged customers will go out of their way to do business with you because of the value you provide and they are willing to look beyond the ticket price. This applies the same way your customer may vouch for you during discussions of switching to another vendor, or choose to buy from you even though they can get the same thing elsewhere.

3) Advocacy/Referrals
If they like what you do, they’ll talk about it. They’ll recommend your service. Nothing is more powerful nor authentic than a peer referral or word-of-mouth marketing. Engaged customers already love what you do and they’ll provide the free advertising to make sure it’s known.

4) Passion
You’ve won them over with your shared values, excellent engagement or a top-notch product. You are no longer just another company to them but someone they have a relationship with. The best customer engagement experience feels personalized for each of your customers but not in a one-size-fits-all fashion.

All these improve your business revenues, reputation, and customer lifetime value – wouldn’t you want to reap the benefits of keeping your customers engaged?

Guy Nirpaz

Guy Nirpaz is a Silicon Valley-based Israeli entrepreneur and CEO of Totango, a Customer Success software platform. A pioneer in the Customer Success field, Guy established the Customer Success Summit and is a well-regarded industry speaker and community contributor. Guy loves people and technology and has dedicated his career to improving the way in which business is done through innovation. Fun Facts: Guy moonlights as the lead guitarist in a rock band based out of his garage in Palo Alto and used to command a tank well as having grown oranges.

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