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3 tips to create an active and engaged user base (and why it matters)

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It’s simple really, these companies have found customer success by including customer engagement as a part of their overall strategy to understand their users and how their products are (or aren’t) being used so they can improve and enhance based on that data. Active users convert better and buy more – and your bottomline thanks you for this. If your users are active that means they find the value you have to offer them through your service, in other words, you’ve got the product that solves the problem they had.  So what about the inactive ones? Half of paying users don’t use what they paid for and 90% will end up canceling their service.

What can you do to ensure you have an active and engaged userbase? I’m glad you asked.

1. Create a central customer engagement repository with all you know about customers
2. Give all (customer facing) personnel access to said central customer intelligence
3. Trigger customer facing actions/business processes based on customer intelligence (see why here)

Aberdeen found in a recent study that if you follow the above steps you will have:
– 3x greater retention
– 20% annual increase in revenues per customers (as compared to <1%)

Is your organization making it easy for your teams to identify and keep your users active and engaged?

Jill Rubin

Jill is a senior marketing and business development executive with experience leading successful teams in both large companies and startups. She has taken companies from early stage to strong revenue growth and propelled established businesses to industry leadership positions.

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