There were many takeaways from last week’s Aberdeen webinar with Omer Minkar, here’s what you missed.

Today’s customers are very savvy, they want more customization and products that meet their exact needs, therefore it’s important to engage and understand them. Through his research, Omer found that the leading reason why companies are adopting customer analytics is to track and identify the customer to understand their needs to improve their value offering.  So what’s the business value of using customer analytics you ask?

  • Increase in annual company revenue
  • Increase in customer lifetime value
  • Increase in customer satisfaction
  • See a greater return on marketing investments

In his presentation, Omer shared 4 Tips to Better Engage Customers:

  1. Use at least two channels to listen and engage
  2. Use KPIs, such as customer satisfaction, customer retention, product usage data (how many times a user logs in, what features are being used most, etc), to measure effectiveness of customer interactions
  3. Regularly monitor customer activities through social channels
  4. Identify high-value customers to send targeted marketing messages

Want to learn more? Watch the webinar replay below:

Totango and Aberdeen Present: Customer Growth Lessons for Software and Internet Companies from Totango on Vimeo.


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