Meet Chad, he’s a Director of Customer Experience from Eloqua, a marketing automation company that believes customers are customers for life. They were the first marketing automation company to go public recently, “I’m very proud of that accomplishment, it takes a very customer-centric company to do that. This is just a stepping stone to bigger things.”

Eloqua is providing not one but two success programs for their customers.

Success Coach Program:
For new customers coming out from implementation, they enter this specific and tailored program that provides them with best practices, campaign reviews, assessments and helps them outline goals and key tactics that they want to accomplish.

Marketing Advisors:
In this phase, Eloqua helps set better expectations for their customers, makes sure they’re accomplishing their plans and making changes as needed to help them become better marketers.

Early on Eloqua knew that providing support and responding to tech issues was not enough to forge true relationships with their users, so what did they do? They made their customer success team modern marketing experts who have best practice expertise and the know-how to provide education and consultation to customers. This was their secret to provide ongoing value to their users.

“We see ourselves as trusted advisors and the voice of the customer. By offering them marketing expertise in addition to our technical support, this has been our competitive differentiator.” Ah yes, we couldn’t agree more. True to our own belief that when your customers succeed, business success will follow.

Chad is very proud of the marketing automation community they’ve built at They use this forum to highlight and celebrate their “Elo-kings” and “Elo-queens” (aka their customer advocates) and give them medals! Who doesn’t like wearing bling?

Equally as important, they put faces to names and take things offline with their annual Eloqua Experience event – like the Oscars of Email Marketing – where customers get nominated for various categories like “Best Customer Lifecycle Program” or “Best Lead Nurturing Program” or “Event Nirvana” and win MARKIES (made by the same company that does the Oscars, no expense spared for their dearest customers).

“Our entire customer success team goes to this event, it’s when we can share and learn from the customers, and we get super excited when we see the customers we’ve helped that are winning these awards!”

What can you take away from Eloqua’s customer success approach?
– Look at your customers as a whole and provide them value beyond just the product you’re offering
– Customer engagement should be built both online and offline
– Celebrating your customers is fun for them and your team!

You can connect with Chad on Twitter @chadhorenfeldt

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