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“3 reasons why Totango is a better fit than Google analytics” – Zendesk

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We were really excited when we heard Sam Boonin, VP of Product Engagement at Zendesk, was sharing Zendesk’s Totango experience with the guys from  Beyond Web Analytics.

In their short 23 minute podcast, Sam shared the business value of using Totango:

  • “We run a trial business, there are large numbers of trials that come in and Totango instruments those trials so we can see how actively people are using their trials, if they’re returning to their trial and when there are multiple evaluators in a single trial.”
  • Regarding their existing base: “We can figure out who’s likely to churn or upgrade and get that information quickly.”

He goes on to justify the cost of investment as a means to further invest in the self-service business model that Zendesk started out as; and the three reasons why Totango is a better than for them than traditional analytics.

  1. You can see what’s going on at an account level (even if there are multiple users)
  2. The implementation is different. Everyone is concerned about privacy issues (especially in Europe where they have a lot of customers), so rather than using cookies, Totango’s data is event-based.
  3. Traditional analytics. like Google analytics, is for optimizing your website. Totango is a tool for optimizing product usage. “It’s the right tool for the right purpose.”

Tune in to the podcast to hear what he has to say about their 3 main KPIs of using Totango at Zendesk and why tracking by accounts and events are important metrics for their organization. If you’re looking for something beyond traditional analytics, then we may be the perfect solution for you.

Jill Rubin

Jill is a senior marketing and business development executive with experience leading successful teams in both large companies and startups. She has taken companies from early stage to strong revenue growth and propelled established businesses to industry leadership positions.

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