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Save the date for the Customer Success Summit – March 14, 2013

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We are proud to present the first ever Customer Success Summit, an invite only, unconference style event on Thursday March 14, 2013. The agenda is tailored exclusively for senior executives responsible for making existing customers successful and profitable in Internet and Software companies. Expected in attendance are: Customer Success Execs, CEOs, Founders, Chief Revenue Officers, VPs Customer Engagement, VPs Marketing.

Enterprises have seen the customer landscape evolve into a new beast that puts customers and their experiences up at the top. Companies realize the need to shift gears and connect and win over their loyalty and customer love. 2013 is quickly turning into the year of the customer centric enterprise and executives are saying, OK we hear you, the landscape has changed, and we need to adapt quickly – I’m all ears!

Speakers from SIIA (Software & Information Industry Association), Marketo, KJR Associates, The HotLine Magazine, Avangate, ActOn, and WalkMe will touch on topics like customer journey mapping, customer marketing, customer success technology, how to increase self-service adoption in a positive way to build the best customer experience for your customers, and much more. Attendees will meet with and learn best practices from top customer-focused companies such as HP, Oracle Zendesk and GetSatisfaction.

“Most marketing and sales organizations are so focused on customer acquisition that they often forget that a highly successful business is one that not only acquires customers, but also retains them, and builds loyalty with them.” — Atri Chatterjee, ActOn

“The emerging profession of Customer Success Management is the industry’s organizational response to the threat of churn.  But CSM has much more to offer than just fire-fighting; it can become a significant profitability engine.” — Mikael Blaisdell, The HotLine Magazine

The event is offered at a nominal cost of $299 to qualified executives. Early birds can take advantage of the $199 registration by February 15th.

More to come in our expanding lineup!

Interested in speaking or presenting a case study? Contact Dominique at

Jill Rubin

Jill is a senior marketing and business development executive with experience leading successful teams in both large companies and startups. She has taken companies from early stage to strong revenue growth and propelled established businesses to industry leadership positions.

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