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Guest Blog: The Transition from Account Management to Customer Success Management

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Since its founding in 2007, Ooyala has been focused on pursuing products and strategies that deliver enhanced customer and market value. We have always been passionate about serving our customers.  Customer Service is not just a department but an attitude that we promote throughout the company. Recently we took yet another step in this direction by introducing the role of Customer Success Managers.

Historically the Account Management team has been the main point of contact for business, technical and enablement needs. Over the years we have transitioned most of the enablement and technical pieces to our Technical Support and Professional Services teams respectively. This has helped us focus on the business needs of our customers.

Why this change? 80% of the customers want us to guide them about everything video. Folks know that they need to jump in on the video bandwagon ASAP and they certainly do. But, what next? It is not just about throwing video on your website, it is about having a video strategy. And that video strategy is not just for web but for all the devices where video is currently consumed. It is also about constantly measuring, evaluating and refining your video implementation over time. Companies tend to purchase a product because they realize that they have a relevant business need, but in most cases they haven’t established measurable success criteria  or defined a set of baseline metrics that they can track. This is where we come in.

Ooyala’s Customer Success Managers are responsible for driving customer loyalty, ensuring that our customers are satisfied and are realizing measurable value from our products & services. We are focused on building an understanding of our customers’ business strategies so that we can better anticipate their needs. Leveraging this knowledge, the CSM will aim to provide adoption, industry and implementation best practices and personalized recommendations to ensure customers maximize value from their investment in Ooyala.

We are ultimately focusing on three areas –
1) Customer Success (Deliver post-contract customer life-cycle support, develop customer programs, processes and best practices)
2) Voice of the Customer (Identify the key components of customer success and communicate them cross-functionally to inform the product roadmap, sales, marketing and services processes, thus integrating customer feedback into everything we do)
3) Executive Visibility (Create Customer Experience Dashboards summarizing the overall health of the customer base, develop key indicators to identify at-risk customers)

We have been working towards this change for over a year now and it has been quite a ride. The profile of the people we are hiring has changed drastically over this time. We no longer look for strong technical skills. Instead we look for folks with a passion for customer service and a love for video technology.

We are committed to the success of our customers, and are looking forward to continuing to build on this over the coming years!

Archana Shetty

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