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New Totango feature: Know your users, search by user to understand activities

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Totango users see great value in the information we deliver about their accounts. They can see the account health, usage frequency, real time and historic engagement information, and more. This is great for anyone who works with customers to better understand what’s happening on the account, but often, you want to drill in even further and learn about an individual user within an account – are they currently online, when did they last login, what actions have they performed, etc.

Today we take the first step on our user journey. From now on you will be able to search for users in Totango and see how they are using your application. You can even use Totango to trigger personalized and automated emails.

Let’s see it in action:

User Profile from Totango on Vimeo.

In the coming weeks we will add more capabilities such as user tags and segmentation.

I’d love to hear you thoughts regarding this so feel free to leave a comment or send me an email (amit [at] totango [dot] com) with any comments or ideas.

Oren Raboy

Prior to Totango, Oren founded Kidyosj and Beyondo, and served as the Head of Products at P-Cube (acquired by Cisco). In short, he’s a perpetual entrepreneur who has finally found the winning product in Totango.

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