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Product Update: Your Totango and Salesforce just got more connected

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One of the most powerful aspects of Totango is the seamless integration with the platform. Today we’re excited to announce new capabilities that give you more power and flexibility.

Totango Customer Success Dashboard – on

If your Customer Success team uses to track and manage accounts, you can now enable our new CSM Dashboard to package all the Totango goodness in a convenient, simple dashboard on your

  • Keep track of onboarding projects and ensure a smooth and professional experience for every new customer
  • Connect with accounts approaching renewal to ensure they are in good condition
  • Manage accounts at risk –  be proactive before it’s too late!

The CSM Dashboard is available through a free upgrade of the Totango Salesforce Application. Totango administrators –  Read more about the benefits, prerequisites and installation instructions

New Binding Rules

We’ve greatly expanded the way you can tie Totango and SFDC together supporting more flexibility and customization options of the data model. This means you can seamlessly share data about accounts and individual users for both sales and marketing purposes.

  • Realtime export of user engagement information into a SFDC Contact.
  • Automatically create contacts on when new users join your application, so your sales team and marketing tools can pickup and properly engage them
  • Custom object mappings, which allow you to map Totango Accounts and Users to any Custom object in, so no matter how customized and evolved your SFDC implementation,  Totango can seamlessly fit in.

Read more about the Totango binding rules or contact your CSM for more information.

Would you like a walkthrough on this new feature? Join me on June 4th at 11AM PT for a live demo.

Oren Raboy

Prior to Totango, Oren founded Kidyosj and Beyondo, and served as the Head of Products at P-Cube (acquired by Cisco). In short, he’s a perpetual entrepreneur who has finally found the winning product in Totango.

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