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All non-renewals lead back to adoption (follow up to 10 reasons why customers cancel)

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As a SaaS vendor, all non-renewal reasons lead back to adoption.

The way my team looks at a client is three fold and each plays a part in the client’s ability to adopt our product.  The three things we must understand as we begin working with clients are their commitment, capacity and experience.  These are defined in the following manner:

Commitment  – The level at which clients are organizationally dedicated to complete the activity that will enhance their efforts

Capacity – A client’s ability to provide staff resources to complete the activity that will enhance their efforts

Experience – A client’s knowledge and skill level

For a non-renewal to happen one or more of these will be an issue.  This is where Client Success teams shines.  They can quickly identify the root challenge and course correct accordingly.  By addressing each issue the Client Success Associate can turn the client around quickly and save the client.

While there are company interests at hand, the end goal is to have the client successfully engaged and adopting your product so they can see tangible results.  If that’s the case, why would one lose a client?  If my CEO came to me and said, “I’ve decided to not renew our agreement,”  I would fight tooth and nail to keep it.  It’s the same with our clients…if our product is ingrained into their business they will renew.  Bottom line…all roads lead to adoption.


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Omer Gotlieb

Omer Gotlieb, Co-Founder and VP of Business Development of Totango, has been recognized as a top influencer and mentor in the customer success space. As the SVP of Business Development, he is taking Totango to the next level. He speaks frequently at Customer Success events, both locally and internationally, sharing valuable insights and experiences. Prior to Totango, he was the VP of Product at MTS, Director of Client Services at AtHoc, and other customer-facing roles at Addwise and Netvision. His specialities include churn management, business intelligence, and performance management.

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