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Creating Powerful User Lists

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True Customer success is a relentless focus on customer value, delivered by educating, assisting and supporting each user according to their individual needs. This level of personalization requires a customer engagement management solution that understands the context of each user and every account.

This is particularly true for “B2B” application where one business account is used by several users together. The goal of customer success is to grow the business success of the account and the best route to that is to ensure each users from the account is appropriately managed.

For example:
– Invite power-users and newcomers to a different training webinar (even if they are part of the same account).
– Announce new administrative features only to your admin users,  and in a different way if their team’s account is at Poor or Good health
– Give extra support and “TLC” to users from an account that is approaching renewal, especially if their engagement has been poor as of late

This month, we’re really excited to roll out user engagement management, a capability that allow you to segment, monitor and act on individual users, expanding on the account-level capabilities provided by Totango so far.

Creating User Lists, Tags & Campaigns

Create lists of users based on any behavior

When you create a list on Totango, you can now specify if you want it to look for Accounts or Users.  User lists behave similarly to Account lists, except that they return a list of individual users.

User lists may include conditions on the user’s individual parameters (such as actions they recently performed) and also on the account they are part of (such as if they are at Poor health or on a particular contract).

For example, I may want to generate a list of  all admin users of premium accounts that have a high engagement level, and invite them to a special “power-tips for administrators” session.

Individual CSM can even create a list of all users from the accounts they manage to view which of their users is currently or recently online!

Tag users to groups such as power-users, inactive-admins or new-vip-user

User lists support Tags and Triggers, so Totango administrators can add “Tags” to accounts, capturing key insights on their behavior. Here are some common examples:

* power-user: Users that login almost everyday and created at least 5 documents in the last month (or whatever the right action is for your business)
* new-vip-user: Users that are part of a high-value (VIP) account and just joined in the last 14 days
* inactive-admin: Users with an administrative role that have not logged in for the last 6 months
* mobile-user: Users that logged into the app from an iPhone or Android device

Tags are shown in a user’s profile on Totango, so team members can get an instant understanding on who the user is and how to best support them.

Target Lifecycle email campaigns to different user groups

Enable user-level binding on the Totango Salesforce Integration and you can use user-tags to target nurturing and email campaigns in your favorite marketing automation tool. For example a “invite to power-tips webinar” can go out only to power-user. All the power you previously had with Totango Customer Marketing, but now you can target based on user parameters AND account parameters!

Getting Started

User lists are now available on all Totango plans and customers. Check out the tutorial below or login and give it a try!

To enable Totango Salesforce binding on users, or learn how to add more information on users via attributes visit our article on “Getting started with user-level functionality: A Technical primer”.

Oren Raboy

Prior to Totango, Oren founded Kidyosj and Beyondo, and served as the Head of Products at P-Cube (acquired by Cisco). In short, he’s a perpetual entrepreneur who has finally found the winning product in Totango.

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