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Totango Product Update: New Account and User Lists

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We’ve just released a feature that our users have been craving for some time. The new version of our Accounts page, that lets you slice and dice the customer base based on any behavior or criteria. It’s a fun, simple and fast interface for understanding your customers, and organizing action on accounts and users that need attention.

Check out the highlights of the new capabilities below, or login to give it a test drive!

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Customized Views

There’s a lot of data on every account, but not every piece of it is relevant for every situation. With customizable “column selection”, you can highlight the right data points to show for each list. For example:

– Pre-renewal accounts at risk: Account Health, Contract Value, Renewal rate, and customer success manager
– New accounts: Start date, usage levels, and milestones reached
– Hot Trials: Trial expiration, Number of users or usage frequency

Advanced Filtering and Segmentation

Build segments of accounts and users on the fly! With just a few clicks, you can generate lists of customers matching any behavior and condition.  It’s the easiest way to quickly identify customers needing attention:

– Pre-renewal accounts at poor health
– Inactive admin users from VIP accounts
– Accounts with a low license utilization
– Paying accounts with limited usage
– New users from the last 3 months that issued more than 10 invoices
– Highly active users using an iPad
– Anything else you want to know



Then, once accounts needing attention are identified, add playbook descriptions with recommended actions for the CSM team to follow up promptly and consistently with the right accounts.  It’s a great way to document, grow and improve your organization’s customer success playbook!


And much more!

Understanding customer behaviors and segments is a passion for many of our power users, and we’re excited to address them with these new features:

  • Customize export format to CSV and Excel [watch the video]

  • Build lists out of other lists to better manage segments [watch the video]

  • New filter types – such as license utilization (ratio of active users to purchased licenses)  [read more]

  • Search API endpoint for new 3rd party integrations [read more]

  • Greatly improved performance and user-interface

Got questions or feedback? I’d love to hear them:

Oren Raboy

Prior to Totango, Oren founded Kidyosj and Beyondo, and served as the Head of Products at P-Cube (acquired by Cisco). In short, he’s a perpetual entrepreneur who has finally found the winning product in Totango.

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