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Totango Product Update: Adaptive Health Score

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The Totango Health score is the most important metric in Totango. It attaches a single, simple metric to every customer, indicating if they are doing well or if they require attention to drive them towards success. This is used by the CSM team to prioritize work, and by the organization as a whole to track trends around customer usage and value delivered.


The new functionality builds on-top of the simplicity of its predecessor, adding these key enhancements.

Automatically adapt scoring parameters based on the customer’s stage in your web-app’s lifecycle journey
As customers evolve from new onboarding accounts to fully established and growing customers the way you determine their health also changes. Whereas in new accounts you’ll be looking to classify customers based on them hitting implementation milestones, established customers level of success is mostly determined by the levels of ongoing engagement and the utilization of different product features.

Totango now allows you to look at different metrics throughout the lifecylce and automatically adapts its health scoring to match each customer’s stage.

Customized Score for different customer segments and types

Not all customers are equal – Different plans and products require a Health score that can be tailored to match the specifics of each type of customer you have in your portfolio. Create a health profile based on customer Plan, value or any other business attribute captured in Totango.

Use any metric to determine your health score

You can now use any user-engagement or business metric to model health. For example – make sure users are engaging in specific activities in your web-app to determine if they are health customers or not.

It all leads to a Health Score you can truely rely on to determine which customers require attention and why.

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 4.38.48 PM

Get Started
If you’re a Totango Administrator, you’d want to setup your new health score as soon as possible. It’ll give your team a whole new visibility into the status of customers.

To get started, head over to your Settings | Health page. Please reach out to your Totango Customer Success Manager or contact us at for any questions or advice .

Oren Raboy

Prior to Totango, Oren founded Kidyosj and Beyondo, and served as the Head of Products at P-Cube (acquired by Cisco). In short, he’s a perpetual entrepreneur who has finally found the winning product in Totango.

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