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Customer Success and the SaaS Time Warp

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Last month, I presented in a webinar hosted by CMSWire titled “Making the Customer Journey Work.” You can view the replay here.

During Q&A, one participant asked a simple, yet thought-provoking, question that I think everyone in the Customer Success profession might be interested in reading.

“What if a user thinks he has already received all he could from our app? Can the Customer’s Journey end one day?”

We all know the common saying, “All good things must come to an end.” From this perspective, the question makes sense and therefore could happen. However, in reality it never should, especially in the SaaS world.

SaaS companies continue to innovate and evolve and so do their users. For most, the alignment will continue with the potential to deepen the engagement between the company and customer over time. That is what makes the role of Customer Success so critical for a SaaS business.

In addition, there is something interesting that we’ve noticed in the Customer Satisfaction survey data that our customers share with us… Sometimes customers that have been with you longer tend to be less satisfied than newer customers. Maybe it’s analogous to the seven-year-itch in marriage or maybe there’s something else at play. Our usage data indicates that customers can get “caught in time” with the feature-set and use-cases that were present when they first came onboard. Without prompting, encouraging or training (or a combination of all), advances in your roadmap, feature-set and offerings can bypass some of your customers and leave them behind in a time warp.

It is important that as the Customer Journey continues, as shown in the image below, value continues to be delivered in an easily adaptable way to the customer. That being said, with a properly equipped Customer Success team and a high value application, a customer’s journey should never end.

chrun graph

Omer Gotlieb

Omer Gotlieb, Co-Founder and VP of Business Development of Totango, has been recognized as a top influencer and mentor in the customer success space. As the SVP of Business Development, he is taking Totango to the next level. He speaks frequently at Customer Success events, both locally and internationally, sharing valuable insights and experiences. Prior to Totango, he was the VP of Product at MTS, Director of Client Services at AtHoc, and other customer-facing roles at Addwise and Netvision. His specialities include churn management, business intelligence, and performance management.

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