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New Feature: Track changes in usage, utilization and customer status

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We are happy to announce the release of a new feature in Totango that enables you to track changes in engagement score, license utilization, and customer status.  This powerful feature allows you to put context around the numbers that you are tracking.  For example, you can now track if  a customer’s usage has dropped more than a set percentage (e.g., 20%) in a particular period of time (e.g., the last 2 weeks).

The purpose of the feature is to provide Customer Success Managers and other customer-facing groups with the right tools to monitor and  understand changes in customer usage and status metrics in order to enable smarter, more relevant and meaningful engagement with customers.

This feature can be used to:

  • Analyze growing or declining customer usage and adoption
  • Track and evaluate customers who have shown signs of a drop in license utilization
  • Determine percentage shifts in customer engagement levels
  • Analyze the daily number of free-trial and paying customers that upgrade or cancel their accounts over a period of time
  • Track and evaluate recently acquired, converted, churned and expired trials

Use-cases to get you started:

We’ve put together a few uses cases to help you start using this feature.

Use case #1: Get an alert when a customer engagement score declines by 50% in the last 14 days.

How to do it:
Create an active list and filter by engagement % change decreased by 50% in the last 14 days as a filter and set a notification by email trigger.

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Use case #2: Generate a report of newly upgraded customers.  For example, those  who have upgraded from free to paid in the last 90 days.

How to do it:
Create an active list and filter by status changed in the last 90 days to “paying” from “free.” Then create a report based on this list to get a detailed visual chart of the changes.


Use case #3: Track and proactively reach out to customers whose license utilization drops more than 90% in 2 weeks, which could be an indicator that your customer may not be finding value with your product and evaluating other systems.

How to do it:
Create an active list and filter by license utilization % change decreased by 90% in the last 14 days as a filter and tag these customers.


Please refer to this knowledge base post for step by step instructions.


Amit Bluman

I'm the analytics and data science product manager at Totango and I passionately love data! I love the challenge of incorporating smart data science into a product. I have worked with data and analytics for the past 15 years in everything ranging from data products and predictive analytics, to data science and big data, to data architecture and development.

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