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New Release: Announcing the Customer Health Console

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Customer Health Console!  A few months ago, we released the Customer Portfolio Manager, a tool for every CSM to manage their own portfolio of customers in one central place.  Now with the Customer Health Console, executives and managers have the ability to track the health of their entire customer base (viewed by segments if required), monitor health trends over time, and evaluate the performance of every CSM — all in one centralized dashboard.  The Customer Health Console tracks revenue, team performance and other key indicators and it has become one of our favorite features internally. Everyone from our CEO and CCO to CSMs uses it to dive into their area of responsibility and interest.

At a high level, with the new Customer Health Console you can:

  1. See the big picture – get a quick view into your customer portfolio, across customer segments and across team members with historical trends based on numerous filters.
  2. Create different console views – build customized consoles based on different account attributes (e.g., paying customers, free trial customers, etc)
  3. Manage your team – see an overview of individual CSM portfolios and health scores in one place
  4. Dive into historical trends – evaluate the historical status of different customer segments to monitor health score progress.


EXECUTIVES will love the ability to keep a pulse on the entire business and to dive into historical trends across a variety of segments as defined by them.  For example, they can measure the benefits of new business processes (such as a new onboarding process) by seeing the trend in health scores across all onboarding customers and evaluate if there is a decrease in at-risk revenue.

The Customer Health Console can also serve as the main dashboard for executives to track and manage Customer Success team members and their portfolios.  Additionally, they can keep an eye on the revenue at risk across team members and segments and gather context on who may need additional help or attention.

CUSTOMER SUCCESS MANAGERS will love the ability to slice and dice their individual portfolios and track their progress towards specific target metrics.  For example, which customer segment is performing better than others and how does that compare to the same segment a year ago.  We believe that putting the power of your data in the hands of every team member will drive meaningful improvements in your customer success practices.


Get Started

Already a Totango customer? The Customer Health Console is delivered out of the box to all of our customers.  Any Totango user can access and modify their personal console via the “Customer Health Console” link next to “My Portfolio.”  It comes preconfigured with segments that are aligned to your health profiles, but you can delete, add to, or edit them as you wish.  You can find more detailed feature information in our knowledge base.


Not a Totango customer and interested in learning more about how the Customer Health Console could work for your organization? Sign up for a personalized demo today.


Jill Rubin

Jill is a senior marketing and business development executive with experience leading successful teams in both large companies and startups. She has taken companies from early stage to strong revenue growth and propelled established businesses to industry leadership positions.

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