Mark Zuckerberg used to famously gather employees of Facebook in order to celebrate product achievements and proclaim that at any given point in time, Facebook was only 1% done. Done in the sense of achieving their mission “to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.” They knew they were only beginning to truly build the product that they imagined.  That’s a good feeling – knowing that the possibilities are so limitless that at any given point in time, regardless of your accomplishments, you are only 1% there.

That’s exactly how I feel about mobility – both mobile devices and mobile software.  It terms of mobile we are only 1% there.  Imagine this – you walk into the Apple store, you touch and feel all the beauty, and yet that’s just 1% of what is possible.  New Apple Watch announcement? Yeah, still only 1% there.  Just imagine the impact that mobile devices have already had on the humankind. They have already improved communications, productivity, lifestyles, livelihoods, lives, mobile technologies have even literally touched your hearts, Medtronic’s pacemaker now connects directly to your healthcare provider. We are still only 1% there.

And this 1% claim quickly changes when we turn away from consumer software to the enterprise. You see, we are about 10 times more behind when it comes to the impact of mobile technologies on the enterprise as compared to consumer innovation. We are only 0.1% there. We feel it every day – walking into our workplaces and expecting mobile productivity, data anywhere, with real-time results, feedback and impact, but it’s just not quite there. The enterprise definitely has a pulse, but its pulse is quite far from the mobile capabilities of Medtronic’s pacemaker.

We want to change this at Totango – we feel that the heart of your organization revolves around your customer success, and for that reason you deserve it to be mobile.  And that’s why I am delighted to announce the release of industry’s first ever native Customer Success App for iPhone. Our app is now live in the AppStore and is available to all our customers for free.


When it came to building the app, we followed 3 core principles:

  1. We wanted it to be beautiful
  2. We wanted to offer you portfolio insights on-the-go
  3. We wanted to optimize mobile collaboration to ensure the success of your customers.

These three core principles resulted in an app that quickly becomes an addictive, daily destination of productivity. Enjoy, and remember we’re only 1% there.

Read more about how this new mobile app will help us re-imagine customer success.



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