When you’re in an industry that has completely taken off, sometimes you need to take a step back and say, “what were we trying to accomplish in the first place?” Customer Success as a whole has certainly skyrocketed across SaaS and subscription businesses. Five years ago if you said you worked in Customer Success people would have looked confused, fast forward only a couple years and now you can find VPs of Customer Success and Chief Customer Officers in the majority of SaaS organizations.

As the market has grown and matured, what has consistently bubbled to the top is a need to actually understand our customers. Who are they, what are their challenges, and how can we help? The way software and services are built today, we collect more information about our customers than ever before, what we need is a smart way to turn this data into real customer insights and analytics along with a simple way to take action.

That is why we recently decided to take a step back and reimagine what Customer Success really is and how is can be delivered. This has brought about drastic new changes in our Customer Success Platform along with the introduction of a brand new mobile app for our users. This new platform gives Customer Success Managers and Executives the industry’s most reliable insights and alerts about their customers as well as innovative way to take meaningful action in a simple, intuitive web and mobile experience.

“The release of our next-generation platform combines the very best of practices for customer success. We rebuilt Totango from the ground up,” said Maksim Ovsyannikov, Totango’s Chief Product Officer. “Our new beautiful app with state-of-the-art smart notifications and a new productivity model for customer success helps customer-centric companies be more productive. Our new advanced analytics allow our customers to speak their own metric language and track their customer success performance using data that is most meaningful to them. And finally, our beautifully simple, industry-leading mobile app puts customer success insights and everyday productivity in your pocket. The new Totango will rock the world of customer success.”

The reimagined Totango platform includes the following:

Comprehensive Customer Success Intelligence

The most reliable and customizable customer success insights and analytics in the industry. Totango’s innovative new approach to consuming customer health and analytics provides customer success teams with the most relevant insights and alerts in addition to a way to create new metrics that are specific to tracking your business outcomes.

Intelligent Workflow

A new approach to productivity that enables you to work by exception and at scale. Totango’s new workflow helps businesses make an impact at scale — including one-on-one interactions, one-to-many interactions, and automated nurture campaigns. The command center is customizable to fit your role and responsibilities and helps teams assign, prioritize and manage tasks related to their portfolio in a simple manner. Executives can keep a pulse on the entire business with configurable reports and dashboards.

Totango Mobile Application

The Customer Success industry’s first mobile application. The app enables customer success teams to access valuable customer data on the go and get notifications on customer accounts that require attention in a beautifully simple user experience. Download the app from the iTunes store.

Watch this video to see how the new Totango helps Customer Success Managers become more productive and proactive or contact us to receive a live, personal demo. 
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