The Customer Success Roadshow Continues in Austin, TX

As a part of the 2nd annual customer success roadshow, we returned to Austin to gather the best and brightest customer success professionals in the area, for an evening of learning and fun. Before networking over some delicious food and cocktails, we featured three amazing speakers to present the sessions:

  • 4 Lessons learned from the First Year of Client Success, presented by Cynthia Balusek, Director of Client Experience at Bigcommerce
  • Building a Team for Stronger Retention, presented by Ernie Fontes, Director of Client Success at Innography
  • The 5 Must-Have Customer Success Processes, presented by Omer Gotlieb, Co-Founder & CCO at Totango

You can view summaries and the presentation decks below.


Omer kicked off the event with 5 Must Have Customer Success Processes. During his presentation Omer dove deep into 5 crucial things all Customer Success teams need to have in place to be successful including:

  • Map the customer’s journey with your product – set milestones to know if attention is needed at each stage
  • Create a comprehensive health score – use key indicators to create a score for each stage of the customer journey
  •  Build a customer success coach into your technology solution – identify important milestones and set automated alerts and tasks for those milestones
  • Set up a customer nurturing program – create content and trigger automatic emails based on actions
  • Implement a feedback loop – measure your results

When starting a customer success team, it is likely that there will be many valuable learnings in the beginning. Cynthia shared 4 Lessons Learned from the First Year of Client Success, and added great insight in how to make a team successful in the beginning stages.


Do you have a specific ratio for how many how many onboarding consultants to customer success managers your team should have? Cynthia explained, that Bigcommerce keeps a ratio of one onboarding consultant for every three CSMs. This number is so that each account manager has more time with their customers. After this shift Bigcommerce saw a huge increase in overall satisfaction with their top accounts.

Ernie took the conversation a step further and talked about Building a Team for High Retention.  In his presentation he dove deep into the process Innography takes to hire the right people to retain a strong team. From compensation structure to the interview process Ernie showed how they kept of team of 20 Customer Success professionals while only losing 2 members of the team (one who left the country and one who changed careers).

After discussing their team structure and retention plan, Ernie shared about how Innography uses Totango to give their team great insight about how their customers are using their product. The audience had a lot of questions for Ernie including interest in results they had seen since implementing Totango. Ernie shared that since implementing Totango they saw a drop in churn of 4% in just one year.

After the presentations concluded the networking portion began. The group had a lot to discuss after the thought-provoking presentations and was able to ask speakers in additional questions over a few cocktails. Overall the event was a great success and we can’t wait to return to Austin.


Our next Customer Success Roadshow Event will be held in New York City on October 28, 2015. We hope to see you there!

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