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6 Things you should know about Customer Success

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There has been a positive shift in the Customer Success market over the past few years which is exciting and encouraging for teams that have decided to support a “Customer First Approach.”  Many companies are now realizing the importance of retaining customers and have publicly committed to invest in customer success.

I published this article last month in DestinationCRM.  As you will see in the article, there are compelling reasons driving business leaders to invest in customer success, but even more compelling are the reasons that those investments include operational data so that Customer Success teams can take more appropriate action.

Several customers have asked me for more ammunition to further bolster and expand the right investment from their executive leadership.  Please give us your thoughts.

Bill Hobbs

Bill is the Director of sales at Totango and author of the WORK Book. He has over a decade of experience in customer success, business development, and change management. He is a published author, tech advisor, and currently leads Totango’s business in the Eastern U.S. and EMEA markets. His unique blend of Fortune 500 and startup experience has inspired new approaches helping clients refine ideas and build innovative models for customer success.

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