Putting customer success in the hands of your customers with SuccessBeat reflection tool

Enterprise SaaS solutions have borrowed heavily from popular consumer apps and services.  Old-school, stodgy account management practices are out.  Personalized, interactive user engagement is in.

Learning from the pioneers

Ten years ago, Salesforce was probably the first enterprise software vendor that experimented with the idea of sharing monthly adoption reports with every customer (aka the Personalized Account Review).

The premise was simple: if Salesforce had to avoid the “shelfware” problem of Siebel, Oracle, and others, it had to make adoption and customer success a top priority.  And the thinking went that what better way to drive this than surfacing back to each customer their key adoption and business performance metrics.  With this data — along with benchmarks of how they compared to others in their peer group — our executive sponsors, admins, and power-users were armed and empowered to drive their own success with Salesforce.

The results were amazing.

Where are we today?

More recently, a few other enterprise SaaS companies have followed suit.  But not many.  Why?  Because building this capability, as simple as it sounds, is a major undertaking in development manhours and dollars — and entirely outside the purview of customer success teams who need it the most.

Starting today, we are thrilled to announce that Totango now makes this super easy for every company, no matter how big or small.

Introducing SuccessBeat

SuccessBeat is another first in customer success technology from Totango. You can now generate and deliver personalized customer success reports, showing your key contacts and end-users their own deployment metrics and results.


  • Personalize with the data that matters most: For example, adoption and usage patterns, ROI metrics on results achieved by customers, or attributes on service delivery and experience.
  • Target executive sponsors and end-users: Send SuccessBeat emails to key contacts, executive sponsors, or end-users with the specific information they want to see.
  • Add peer-group benchmarks: Make SuccessBeat reports more compelling by incorporating benchmarks from across your customer base.
  • New “data card” template: Showcase relevant metrics and attributes in a visually appealing email with customizable data cards.
  • Set up SuccessBeat as a recurring campaign: Schedule communications on a regular basis for defined user segments with their own personalized data and results.
  • Measure effectiveness of SuccessBeat: Set specific goals and measure results and effectiveness.

Want to delight and engage your customers with SuccessBeat right away?

Request a demo today!

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