Resolution #6 Be a better partner! (Add meaning and relevancy to your relationships)

A new year, a new start! We continue our blog series with Resolution #6: Be a better partner! (Add meaning and relevancy to your relationships).  Check out all 7 New Year’s Resolutions that will change your Customer Success world for the better!


Resolution #6 Be a better partner! (Add meaning and relevancy to your relationships)

Relationships are all about communication. Even if two people are fully compatible, without proper communication skills, the relationship cannot be successful. Customer Success is the same way. In order to maintain a healthy customer relationship you need to communicate with all users at the right time with relevant messaging.

Holy Moly! Proven Results: Both TrackMaven and BigCommerce had established a strong customer base, but since both companies had many different types of customers and high touch models, they also needed a way to automate their communications to keep customers on track and to use their team’s time wisely.

hqdefaultCustomer: TrackMaven

In a recent webinar, Jamey Jeff, SVP of Customer Success and Operations at TrackMaven, explains that they had built a solid foundation for their customer success strategy, but as their customer base grew they needed a way to deliver services more broadly and with scalability. TrackMaven specifically needed help to bolster their customer success team’s efforts in the following three areas:

    • Reinforcing on-boarding
    • Deepening adoption
  • Communicating new features

By implementing Totango’s Customer Success Campaign functionality they were able to reinforce onboarding tips with their customers by automatically sending relevant training materials to users based on their level of adoption and then tracking goal achievement from these communications. With automated processes set in place, TrackMaven’s customer success managers could use their customer calls and 1:1 customer interactions for issues that were more one-off situations or specific to certain accounts.

hqdefault-1Customer: BigCommerce

Meg Murphy, CMO at Bigcommerce, shares in a recent interview that with over 55,000+ clients they needed a way to identify the right materials to deliver to the right customers and automate these processes. Each customer segment is treated uniquely and BigCommerce uses data from Totango to deliver the right materials through the right channels. From there they track how their customers are doing in terms of product adoption and results achieved, in order to then provide more advanced tips and feedback to take them to the next level.

Getting started: Start thinking about how you can automate relevant messaging to customers along their journey. What key processes require additional tips and tricks you can send to your customers who may need additional support? Need a tool to track and trigger customer communications? Request a demo of Totango today.

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