5 Reasons Customer Success Summit is Ideal For Marketers

The Customer Success Summit is the must-attend event for customer success. It’s the opportunity for thousands of SaaS professionals to meet in downtown San Francisco and discuss best practices in driving customer adoption and advocacy, improving customer retention, and maximizing customer revenue.

So why should a marketer attend? Here are 5 reasons marketers need to be at this year’s summit:

The budding romance of customer success and marketing

As SaaS businesses create customer success teams to manage the customer journey, there is a growing need for marketers and customer success teams to collaborate. These teams must work together to develop customer nurture campaigns, use social media to drive customer success, and create a community of customer evangelists.

Today’s marketers need to work effectively with customer success to grow and retain customers. Learn how other marketers are successfully launching partnerships with customer success.

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Learn best practices from other marketers

The speakers at this year’s summit include execs from products that marketers use every day: Oracle Marketing Cloud, Campaign Monitor, Bitly, TrackMaven, Swrve, Unbounce, and more.

Marketers using these products might not realize they are receiving customer marketing that has been developed in part by customer success teams. Insights from these customer success teams are bound to inspire new ideas to adapt for acquisition marketing.

Network with SaaS professionals from every department

Meet thousands of SaaS and subscription professionals from companies of all sizes. Attendees represent enterprise companies like Salesforce and Autodesk, established SaaS players like OpenTable and Workday, and emerging startups in SaaS.

Every discussion includes large numbers of professionals from customer success, marketing, sales, customer support, operations, and product/engineering. A healthy mix of professionals ensures discussions are not customer success silos.

See the technologies you might soon be using

The upswing of customer success teams at SaaS and subscription companies continues to grow. As these teams scale, customer success platforms are becoming a necessity to manage customer operations.

Summit is a great way to engage with these platforms and learn how the marketing team can benefit from the different features they offer.

Join the customer success conversation early.

Customer success is a young discipline. The roles, organizations, and key metrics for customer success are just beginning to be developed across the industry. It is vital that marketers play a role in influencing how customer success is implemented and executed.

Join the customer success conversation early to shape customer success as a complement to the future of marketing.


Register for the Customer Success Summit before tickets sell out. Use promo code: MARKETER25 to receive a 25% discount. Make sure to register today!

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