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New Totango Enterprise Edition Transforms Business by Managing Customer Success at Every Level

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Recently, we announced

Totango Enterprise Edition

, tailored for all companies, regardless of company size, selling into accounts with multiple teams, divisions, and subsidiaries; as well as large companies with multiple products and more complex channel sales organizations. If you are interested in learning more about how this could work for your business see our 

feature overview


This new edition is meant for companies who want to fully understand and support their complex hierarchy of accounts and multiple product portfolio in order to build the right customer success processes for them.

How are we doing business today?

Today, it is very typical for companies to sell multiple products to the same customer at different times, or sell into complex organizations with subsidiaries, or sell through channels and dealer networks.  Managing these customer relationships in recurring revenue and subscription businesses can be complicated, especially as a company grows in size, product lines, business units, locations, channels, etc.

However, the way companies run their business is simply taking a monolithic view of an account.  This is often meaningless and does not truly reflect the hierarchy of account relationships, products, and channels.


What does the market need?

Support sophisticated hierarchies of data

There is a need for a customer success platform to support sophisticated hierarchies of data such as parent-child account relationships and multi-product portfolios.

Understand the company’s extended enterprise

Seldom do companies stand alone. They partner with other companies or channel partners to sell their solutions,etc.  A customer success solution that only works with simplistic models is obsolete. It needs to be able to support multi-tier channel structures such as a network of dealers and independent agents, etc.

Understand the health of each unit

When companies have the ability to understand the health of each unit (in a hierarchy), they can proactively influence or engage customers, drive positive business outcomes for them, and ultimately ensure renewals and upsell revenue.  There are definitely advantages to being able to identify not only which account needs your attention and why, but also which group/team or which product line.


Highlights of the new Enterprise Edition

Built for Sophisticated Enterprise Hierarchy of Data

  • Clearly understand your customer data for the entire enterprise comprised of business accounts and their multi-products portfolios
  • Effectively build and sell multiple products to customers and arm customer success team with the right value proposition for each product

Customer Success Planning at Every Level

  • Plan customer success team activities and programs based on understanding of the different teams or divisions of an account and products
  • Automate customer success best practices and communications at each level of your customer interaction

Extended Enterprise Solution to Channel Partners

  • Visibility into your extended enterprise
  • Analyze the customer success of your entire supply chain
  • Apply to channel partners and network of independent agents or dealers

Comprehensive Analytics for Business Metrics and Analysis

  • Provide management up-to-date visibility into company’s account and products hierarchies, and channel partner’s accounts
  • In-depth analysis to discover trends across customer base by account, product, and user level

Optimize CRM Data

  • Integrate with other CRMs for even better customer understanding to further drive customer success


Interested in knowing more about the new Totango’s Enterprise Edition? 

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