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When Is The Right Time For a Customer Success Solution?

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You know the fastest growing SaaS companies have the best record on churn and upsell. You’ve heard the success stories. You attended the Customer Success Summit. You’ve even heard how customer success solutions have evolved to manage complex hierarchies and recurring revenue forecasting.

But, you’re still not sure if right now is the right time to get started…

It might seem prudent to postpone the decision, but time is definitely not on your side. Over 50% of SaaS companies are spending more on customer retention this year, and if your business wants to remain competitive then you need the ability to provide value to your customers in a proactive and scalable way. Here are few reasons Customer Success leaders postpone implementing a solution, and why the right time to buy might be earlier than you think.

“We still have not defined our processes.”


If you don’t have a process, how are you supposed to get value from a customer success solution? It might not seem intuitive, but some of our most successful customers implemented Totango at the same time they were establishing their process.

The reason for their success is not luck or endless budgets, but rather the unique opportunity to build best practices into their processes from the very beginning. Our company has a wealth of knowledge, including the definitive guide to Customer Success, and dedicated customer success managers to ensure the processes you build are compatible with your solution.

“We need to hire a few more Customer Success Managers first.”

This is actually a reason to speed up your decision! Totango is not meant to be another isolated, cumbersome tool that requires dedicated resources to manage. Our platform serves as the base of operations for Customer Success, and everything we do is built to make your team more efficient.

Not sure which customers need the most support? Use customer health scores to prioritize. Need to set up a trigger for customer communication? Easily set them up in a few minutes. Need to report product engagement metrics? Get all the data you need from the same place. You will have a more efficient team that can manage larger portfolios before needing to hire.

“My executive team is hesitant to approve a larger budget.”

Your executive team and Totango are actually on the same page – your investment in Totango should provide clear business outcomes. Like the executive team, our goal is to turn your customer success team into a revenue generating asset for your company.

As mentioned before, Totango helps you build a more efficient team that is able to manage larger portfolios of customers. It also gives everyone visibility into how each individual team member is impacting customer lifetime value. With these tools, your executives can better forecast revenue and make data-driven business decisions.

Get Totango integrated earlier to give your team all the right tools and prove your own ROI. Request a demo today!

Jill Rubin

Jill is a senior marketing and business development executive with experience leading successful teams in both large companies and startups. She has taken companies from early stage to strong revenue growth and propelled established businesses to industry leadership positions.

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