Totango Brings the Customer Success Roadshow to NYC

The Customer Success Roadshow event in New York City was a huge success. Located at the exclusive Norwood Club, Customer Success professionals from New York’s hottest tech companies gathered for a night of learning, networking and fun.

The content portion of the evening focused on how Customer Success plays an important role throughout the entire organization and how customer success roles are crucial to sales and revenue processes, product innovation, and nurturing customer relationships in recurring revenue and subscription  businesses.

Brian Merritt, VP of Customer Success at Trustpilot kicked off the evening with, Transitioning from Account Management to Success Management. As companies lean more towards success management, they are enabling their customer success teams to drive business outcomes for their users, build customer relationships based on delivering ROI, and then using this foundation to encourage upsells and manage renewals. Brian also spoke about how the Success Team works in collaboration with other departments like sales and marketing to properly nurture the customer and have the right team engage with the customer throughout their journey.


Ariel Hitron, VP of Customer Success at Kaltura continued the conversation discussing how the Customer Success team can become the voice of the customer inside the organization. Similar to Brian’s presentation, Ariel discussed the importance of Customer Success working with other departments and how the team can specifically play a role in helping build an innovative and customer-focused product. By hearing what customers need, they can use the product feedback to help shape the product and influence new features.



Each presentation highlighted the importance of Customer Success being a cross-functional role and the impact of the team on the whole organization. Guy Nirpaz, CEO at Totango wrapped up the presentations by talking about the business of customer success and the importance of maximizing the lifetime value of the customer and how impactful these metrics are on the whole business. He used information from his new book Farm Don’t Hunt – The Definitive Guide to Customer Success and discussed looking at customer success from the perspective of farming and nurturing customers rather than taking a hunting approach.


Want to get your hands on a copy of Guy’s new book? You can learn more about it and purchase it here.

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