15 Common Customer Success Complexities in Large Organizations

Last week we hosted a webinar featuring Roberto Jusino, Head of Customer Engagement at BIM 360 at Autodesk and Guy Nirpaz, Co-Founder & CEO at Totango where they discussed the complexities of customer success in large organizations. They wanted to drill down into the question “How can we monitor, track, and drive value and product adoption for every end-user?”

Both presentations pinpointed the fact that many different enterprises face the same complexities. Here are 15 common complexities:


  • Complex relationships across multiple stakeholders
  • Varying support levels and teams based on customer types and what they are purchasing
  • A distribution channel of partners and resellers instead of, or in addition to, a direct go-to-market strategy


  • Multiple products sold and bought across multiple or different teams
  • Perceived value versus realized value undefined across customers


  • Implementations vary across customer segments
  • Varying levels of workflow and product adoption across teams


  • Lack of customer segmentation
  • No definition of customer health
  • Teams not working from success plays
  • Success metrics based on internal activities versus customer value

Data & Technology

  • Usage data across disparate systems
  • Complex contract structures
  • Parent & Child Hierarchies
  • Technology stack not integrated to support Customer Success

Watch the webinar to learn how Autodesk and Totango resolve these complexities. Roberto shares how his team deployed an Enterprise Customer Success Lifecycle System and Guy showcased ways technology helps scale customer success and simplifies the complexities, especially with the unmatched capabilities of Totango’s new Enterprise Edition.

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Click here to watch it now

The replay features 40 minutes of thought-leadership and approximately 10 minutes of Q&A. Watch it now and request a demo to see how Totango Enterprise Edition can help your organization.

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