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Build a Flexible Customer Success Process with Totango SuccessFlows

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Customers have countless interactions with your team. From onboarding to executive check-ins, each interaction guides a customer through a lifecycle stage or key event, and that can make all the difference between success or failure with your product.

But many customer success leaders are not learning from their customer interactions. Your organization might try to define consistent and predictable customer engagement plans, but the day-to-day of customer success today makes it almost impossible to track the execution of these plans or optimize based on your learnings.

Introducing Totango’s SuccessFlows

Totango’s SuccessFlows offer complete management of your customer success processes. With SuccessFlows, your team can instantly associate activities and interactions with specific processes or stages in the customer lifecycle. You can then use these associations to track against your initial plans and build an intuitive map of customer engagement.


Linking activities, interactions, and tasks with lifecycle stages or business processes make it possible to understand your team’s impact in a much deeper way. You can see the last activity occurred by category, filter activities to drive workflows, and view the volume and type of work your team has produced.

Enrich Your Customer Success Processes

By adding SuccessFlows to Totango’s industry-leading platform, we have created the most flexible customer success business process framework on the market.


  • Customer Success leaders can now see where their teams are focused, manage their productivity by lifecycle stage, and can shift priorities to activities that deliver greater impact and value.
  • Understand the depth of coverage across any stage of the customer lifecycle to help you develop consistent and predictable customer success programs for onboarding, renewals, upsells, and escalation management.
  • Get an at-a-glance account coverage snapshot for a specific customer across the entire scope of defined customer success processes, including most recent activity dates by SuccessFlow category.

Interested in learning more about Totango’s SuccessFlows? Request a demo today!

Jill Rubin

Jill is a senior marketing and business development executive with experience leading successful teams in both large companies and startups. She has taken companies from early stage to strong revenue growth and propelled established businesses to industry leadership positions.

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