#CSSummit17 Speaker Spotlight: Innovating with Technology – featuring Trustpilot, Clicktale, & Bettercloud

We are excited about the curated Innovative Technology & Methods track coming up at #CSSummit17. We have some quality speakers who are building successful customer success teams, reducing churn, and growing recurring revenue within their own companies – and sharing best practices with our conference attendees! Here are some of the highlights.

Speaker Spotlight: Brian Merritt, VP Customer Success, Trustpilot

Session: The First 90 Days: A Customer Success Implementation Program

Don’t miss Brian’s session where he will provide a plan to see success in the first 90 days of your customer success implementation. He will provide an understanding of how to transition your business focus from account management to Customer Success with the right people, process, and technological resources. So if you’ve got a great business model but are letting recurring revenue leak over time, a 90 day plan to shift your company’s priority to Customer Success is what you need.

What excites Brian about the customer success profession is, “The movement from static to dynamic and disruptive products is awesome. As part of the CS Profession, I am at the forefront of delivering value to entire industries that use our tools.”

His advice to future leaders of customer success: “You’re going to be held accountable to what was sold last year and what needs to be delivered next year – all while the product, go to market strategy, and landscape is in flux. Keep your OKRs/KPIs straightforward to accommodate these changes around you. A retention $ is worth 5X a New Biz $ (to valuation) – don’t let anyone forget that at budget time.”

See Brian Merritt’s session on Monday, February 27th at 11:15 am.

Speaker Spotlight: Shai Rybak, VP Customer Success, Clicktale Ltd.

Session: Reducing Churn (A Success Story) – How to Run CS When There is No Customer Feedback

Shai will discuss how Clicktale actively reduced churn by aligning services with their customer business goals and using technology to monitor and proactively engage with at-risk accounts. Shai is excited about the customer success profession because ”our customers keep us sharp. There is daily feedback on the value level that our solutions provide to our customers.”

Shai’s advice to future leaders of customer success:, “Understand your customers’ strategy and gain their confidence by tactically acting in real time to their system usage information.”

See Shai Rybak’s session on Monday February 27th at 3:00 pm.

Speaker Spotlight: Michael Connery, Director of Customer Success, BetterCloud

Session: Reducing Churn (A Success Story) – How to Implement a Save Process

Michael believes every organization needs to have a plan in place to alert key personnel, establish an engagement initiative, and recapture the customer, starting the moment the potential to churn is realized. You invest time in software, CSMs, proactive outreach, swag, and more, but what actually happens after you mark a customer as “At Risk”?

In addition to sharing his incredible experience at this year’s Summit, here is some solid advice straight from Michael:

What do you think is the biggest challenge subscription-based companies face today?

Staying relevant! We are in a time of constant innovation and it is crucial for those in SaaS to relentlessly be pushing the envelope of their products and services to ensure they are a notch above and a step ahead of the competition.

What excites you most about the Customer Success profession?

Customer Success works with just about every team in an organization. This means there are endless ways to work cross-functionally to deliver new and fresh ideas and experiences both internally and externally, creating a culture that will allow you to truly stand out.

What are the key takeaways Summit attendees will gain from your session?

  1. Track everything! Data is paramount to measuring success and the ultimate barometer of what needs to be improved in any process or undertaking.
  2. Escalate early. There is no harm in letting the powers that be know an account is at risk. It helps rally the troops, and gets everyone on the same page early when time is of the essence.
  3. Iterate. As with any process, ensure that the assets you have created, meetings you hold, and emails you send are constantly being improved and tweaked for what delivers the best results.

As a leader in the field, what’s your biggest advice to the future leaders of customer success?

Spend time (even a little) doing the job you are leading. By working my way up from CSM, to team lead, to Director, I had the benefit of not just seeing what goes into the day to day of an individual contributor, but actually doing it. There is a lot more on the table than just renewals or customer engagement and a lot is asked of the team internally. Having experience living in that role has brought empathy and perspective on the leadership side that has been truly invaluable.

See Michael Connery’s session on Monday February 27th at 3:20 pm.

Interested in attending?

The 5th annual Customer Success Summit takes place Feb 27-28, 2017, at the Marriott Marquis in downtown San Francisco. This event will attract hundreds of customer-centric executives and professionals from across the world for 2 days of learning, networking, & fun!

We are nearly sold out, and offering 25% off tickets with code SUMMIT25 so register today — customersuccesssummit.com


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