So many congratulations to this year’s winners of the Customer Success Hero Awards at Customer Success Summit 2017! They are truly the individuals and teams that go above and beyond for their customers, as attested by the colleagues, peers, and even customers who submitted them for consideration.

Our 4th Annual Customer Success Hero Awards received an unprecedented number of submissions, which led to some really difficult decisions for our judges. We’re incredibly thrilled with the winners, but we hope everyone keeps putting the customer first and has stories to submit next year (and the year after that, etc).

Team Award Winners

First Place: Trustpilot

(team featured in image above)

Trustpilot’s global Customer Success team is truly a best-in-class organization. Their customers consistently bring up their dedicated Success Managers and Integration Managers when asked what they love most about Trustpilot. Their customer success team has 50 members and is spread between 6 worldwide offices offering customer success in 8+ languages. Their team shares a collaborative, creative, and spirited culture that fosters an energetic work environment and a relentless passion for their customers’ success.

Second Place: ON24

ON24’s Customer Success team is driven to provide the highest level of support, consultation, and ultimately success for our partners. Over the last year, they have helped to improve customer SAT, increase adoption, and reduce churn, positioning the company for an exciting 2017.

Third Place: Teamleader

The Teamleader Customer Success team has grown in the past year from 4 people to a team of 26 enthusiasts. Their team is constantly evaluating current processes, so they are continually improving. Which is needed, keeping their exponentially growing customer base in mind (from 1500 to 5000 in a year’s time).

Individual Award Winners

Customer Success Summit 2017 Hero Award Winners


 Andrew Hall, Hellosign

“goes above and beyond all hours day or night…”

Brooke Simmons, Outreach

“hired, designed, nurtured and fostered an amazing team”

Sharon Yaffe, Clicktale

“pro at juggling numerous accounts and making sure each customer gets attention”

Mick Fredrick, Mindtouch

“He’s a mentor and a coach with so much experience”

Sofi Dewyn, TeamLeader

“extremely reliable, kind and process driven, and has the people skills of a lifetime manager”

Winners are posted on the Customer Success Heroes page. See you in 2018 with more heroes in customer success!

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