In two weeks, we’re hosting a webinar that will reveal the data architecture that powers both Totango products: Zoe and the Customer Success Center. The power of Totango DNA-CX™, as the heart of Zoe, is that it enables you to use your customer data to organize your company around the customer.

Topic: The heart of Zoe – introducing DNA-CX

Speakers: Totango Co-Founders – Guy Nirpaz, CEO, & Oren Raboy, VP Engineering

Date: Wednesday, April 12th at 10am PST

Register here

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the path that quickly led Totango to build our Dynamic No-Schema Active Customer Index (aka DNA-CX). Other solutions require difficult data organization projects before your data is perfect and ready for their technology, but DNA-CX is flexible and adapts to model your unique business, even if you start with imperfect data.

For leaders who are looking for tech to enable a customer-focused culture, don’t miss our demonstration of how Zoe makes that possible. You’ll learn how:

  • DNA-CX is the only customer-centric data model
  • DNA-CX adapts to your business’s unique model and customer relationships
  • Zoe democratizes customer success by giving access to customer data to everyone in the company

For those who are optimizing business operations, join us to find out how you can enhance your current system investments and get started immediately. You’ll learn how:

  • The flexibility of DNA-CX makes it customizable to the data structure of each business
  • DNA-CX immediately produces insights from data connections, even when the data isn’t perfect
  • Zoe democratizes customer data, giving all employees access to the data without a special login or account

Register today for this DNA-CX webinar and see the power behind Zoe.

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