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Don’t Miss! Expert-Led Webinar on Disrupting the Customer-Centric Paradigm

Webinar with Kate Leggett, Forester, and Guy NIrpaz, Totango

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Make sure to join us for an in-depth webinar on the technology that is allowing companies to institute a culture of customer-centricity to a degree previously unachievable.

Kate Leggett is a leading expert on customer relationship management and customer service strategies. She, alongside Guy Nirpaz, industry thought-leader and author of Farm Don’t Hunt: The Definitive Guide to Customer Success, will discuss current trends in customer success, the technologies that are enabling those trends, and the techniques companies are employing to put the customer at the center of the company.

Here are the details:

  • When: April 27, 2017 at 11am PDT / 2pm EDT
  • Presenters: Kate Leggett, VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research and Guy Nirpaz, CEO & Co-Founder at Totango
  • Register here

Nirpaz will also present Zoe, the first customer-centric conversational interface that enables companies, through the democratization of data and organic work model, to organize around the customer and achieve an unprecedented degree of customer-centricity.

In a recent blog post, Leggett gave her opinion of Zoe:

“What this approach is doing, is ultimately forcing businesses to become more customer centric, and to organize around their customers and their success. The democratic access to customer data means that no employee should have the excuse of not knowing who their customers are, or how their actions can impact customers. Unlike other customer success solutions which drive top-down actions, what I like is that this approach drives from a bottoms-up perspective, customer visibility and a customer success culture throughout the organization. “ – Forrester Blog: Customer Success Should Be A Team Sport | March 9, 2017

Secure your spot for this webinar soon to find out how you can achieve the company culture you’ve been campaigning for: customer-aligned. Register today!

Ravit Danino

As our head of product, Ravit is building the next generation of Customer Success. She brings a wealth of experience leading product at Marketo, HP, and Mercury Interactive.

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