Impact Step, Latest Feature of Zoe, Enables Cross-functional Engagement in Customer Success

Sign up to customer success with Impact Steps, the latest feature of Zoe that allows diverse groups of employees to organically work together toward the customer cause, enabling a customer-centric company culture. Impact Steps allow anyone within your company to request help and recruit other customer champions to volunteer to participate with specific actions that benefit the customer. You can tag others in your company who might be able to contribute their expertise to the specific customer goal, or share widely on the Slack channel of your choice to see who will volunteer to participate.

As opposed to just sending an email or messaging a colleague in Slack, Impact Steps send automatic updates to the other customer champions who sign up to participate and are tracked as Touchpoints in Totango. This means you don’t have to send innumerable follow-up emails, and you don’t have to go through the extra step of logging emails or Slack conversations in Totango about doing things to positively influence your accounts.

This is what creating an Impact Step in Totango looks like:

Create an Impact Step in Totango

You can create an Impact Step associated to any asset in Totango, so you can laser focus on a particular Account or User, or you can expand the reach of your impact by creating an Impact Step for a Segment or Campaign.

Associate Impact Step with any asset in Totango

Once you’ve created an Impact Step, it’s shared in Slack where others can volunteer to join. Zoe guides the intuitive process conversationally, removing any friction. It looks a little something like this:

Joining Impact Step in Slack

To see more of how to access and find Impact Steps in Slack, visit our Knowledge Base article.

Some examples of circumstances in which you might create an Impact Step:

  • As a Customer Success Manager (CSM), I am reviewing a segment that contains my upcoming Q3 customers in poor health, and I see that my portfolio value at risk of churn is higher than I expected. I need ideas and help saving these customers.
    I can create an Impact Step on this Segment to ask for ideas from other people in my company and ask them to volunteer to help.
  • As a growth hacker, I’m analyzing our mobile app adoption email campaign, whose goal is to increase mobile app adoption. I see that the campaign emails were read and people downloaded the app, but we’re still far from achieving our adoption goal.
    I can create an Impact Step on this Campaign to ask experts in other departments to help me achieve this customer-centric goal to increase mobile app adoption.
  • As a CSM, I am preparing for an on-site customer training session tomorrow, and I’m experiencing technical issues with the Machine Learning Insights module.
    Before panicking, I can ask Zoe to create an Impact Step on the Account that’s having the issue and post it in the customer success, product, and engineering Slack channel, asking for urgent help.  

If you’re ready to invite your colleagues to rally around your customer, create your first Impact Step in Zoe today by clicking the button in the bottom-right corner of the Totango Customer Success Center. For Totango customers who haven’t tried out Zoe yet, and whose company uses Slack, click here to activate your free trial of Zoe. If you’re not a Totango customer, reach out to us and experience the power of Impact Steps.

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