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The Industry is Talking…About Zoe

Meeting Zoe at Customer Success Summit

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Earlier this year, we went a little crazy (in a good way). We decided that not only were we going to host the leading customer success industry event of the year, the 5th Annual Customer Success Summit; we also decided that we were going to double down and release the most innovative customer success product at Summit: Zoe. Zoe is the world’s first customer success interface that empowers everyone in the company to participate in customer success by democratizing customer data and encouraging organic participation in customer-focused causes.

Taking stock of the industry responses to Zoe, we were thrilled at the common thread throughout: Zoe has the power to deeply impact the traditional approach to customer-centricity. Just last week at TSW San Diego, John Ragsdale, VP Research, Technology and Social at TSIA, included Zoe as one of the cutting-edge technologies that is leveraging AI to enable big changes to core processes in service organizations, in his session Hot Tech Trends for 2017: Leveraging Machine Learning for Extreme Automation.

We started our retrospective of Zoe’s introduction to the world at Summit by putting together some of our favorite highlight moments of our incredible speakers weighing in on Zoe. Check out the Zoe highlight reel:

Since Zoe’s launch, prominent industry leaders and attendees have shared their POVs and biggest takeaways from Summit, which frequently pointed back to Zoe. Here’s what they had to say….

“What this approach is doing, is ultimately forcing businesses to become more customer-centric, and to organize around their customers and their success. The democratic access to customer data means that no employee should have the excuse of not knowing who their customers are, or how their actions can impact a customer’s.” Kate Leggett, Forrester, Forrester Blog: Customer Success Should Be A Team Sport | March 9, 2017

“While chatbots are designed to handle all kinds of requests, Zoe’s focus is Customer Success, which means that with this kind of technology you’ll be able to act on real-time information to make key decisions, solve problems and refine your product or service.” Jenna Van Schoor, on behalf of Claire Burge, Chaos & Rocketfuel, What We Learnt: Totango Customer Success Summit 2017

“In short, our biggest job is selling the customer to the company… It won’t be easy to convince everyone that they’re responsible for the customer’s success – but it will be profitable once you’re able to achieve it.” – Emily Hayes, Access Development, The New Culture of Customer Success (Customer Success Summit Recap)

“In the opening address of the conference Totango’s CEO, Guy Nirpaz, announced Zoe, Totango’s Slack bot that facilitates team collaboration and uses natural language understanding to answer employee questions about customer and company data. The main message being that when everyone has data about the customer, better informed decisions are made and better corresponding actions are taken to deliver greater value to the customer.” – Kia Puhm, Kia CX Consulting, Customer Centricity Prevailed: Key Themes from Totango’s Customer Success Summit 2017

If you want to learn more about what everyone’s talking about, watch our webinar with Kate Leggett on-demand anytime. Kate, alongside Guy Nirpaz, CEO and Co-Founder of Totango, discussed customer centricity and the technology that is disrupting the traditional (and traditionally unsuccessful) approach to achieving it.

Ravit Danino

As our head of product, Ravit is building the next generation of Customer Success. She brings a wealth of experience leading product at Marketo, HP, and Mercury Interactive.

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