Clicktale Achieves Company-Wide Alignment Around the Customer with Zoe

Totango Success Story

Clicktale is a customer experience analytics solution that helps businesses deliver exceptional digital experiences to their customers by tapping into the wisdom and behavior of millions of visitors.

Becoming a Customer Success Focused Organization

In 2015, Clicktale made the transition from a professional services model to a customer success focused organization. During this time, Shai Rybak, Vice President of Customer Success, was tasked with choosing the right customer success solution. “I chose the Totango Customer Success Center because of the simplicity of the user interface and the executive relationship we formed” he says.

Since implementation, Clicktale has seen enormous benefit at multiple layers in their organization:

  • The Customer Success Team is able to proactively reach out to customers using the Early Warning System to identify and send alerts when there is a problem
  • Management saves time with quick, easily digestible snapshots of the health of segments, regions, customer types, and any other view of their customer base
  • The organization as whole now refers to customer health as it is defined in Totango, instead of the subjective impressions that varied by department

Example of Customer Health Console loved by Totango

New Challenge

In spite of the exceptional results achieved with the Customer Success Center, Clicktale still felt the availability of customer data cross-functionally was a serious obstacle to support their company-wide alignment around the customer. The rich customer data housed within Totango DNA-CX, the intelligent data architecture that powers the Customer Success Center, could help any employee make the best decision possible for their customers. But without training the entire company on a new system and tool set, Shai was unsure how to democratize Clicktale’s customer data.

Zoe Gives Access to All Customer Data, All Departments Benefit

While Clicktale was searching for ways to make customer data available company-wide, Totango had begun developing Zoe, the first conversational interface to give access to customer data to everyone in an organization and designed to work in the tools they use everyday. “I loved the concept and was first in line to be a beta tester,” says Shai.

The first integration for Zoe was in Slack. As enthusiastic Slack users, Clicktale quickly realized Zoe’s benefit for the company, with almost 40% of the company adopting and utilizing Zoe, and adding new users every day. It makes their everyday tasks easier, faster, and more informed, and each department has their own unique way of utilizing Zoe to improve their customer focus.

Zoe Democratizes Customer Data in the Tools You Use Everyday

Example of Customer Data Shared Via Zoe

“Any subscription business can benefit from Zoe by making the customer data that we define available to anybody in the organization. It’s very simple, very powerful, and shows our customers that we are a customer-centric organization.”- Shai Rybak, VP of Customer Success at Clicktale

Zoe Powers an Aligned, Data-Driven Approach to Customer Success

Zoe acts as a real-time proof-point that Clicktale is committed to innovation and always in tune with their customers’ accounts. More importantly, Zoe’s quick, seamless path to customer real-time context allows Clicktale to make interactions with customers data-driven and aligned, resulting in improved customer success.

An important Clicktale customer was having doubts that the product was accurately tracking their consumption. Shai says, “I used Zoe to show them in a very sophisticated, technological way that we know exactly how much they’re consuming on a daily basis. By presenting the customer with their own ROI, they were reassured that the Clicktale solution was working for them.”

Zoe for Every Department at Clicktale

Sales + Zoe = Self-Serve Data On-The-Go

Seamless access to customer data enables renewal and upsell conversations. At Clicktale, an aggressive 50% upsell goal was set for a strategic account that is also one of the biggest new sales deals in Clicktale’s history. Sam Eisenmann, Strategic Sales Director EMEA, says, “Using Zoe, I built a natural conversation showing them that they were already over their original allocation by ~60%. So by the time the renewal conversation comes around, they’ve already budgeted for the necessary increase.” While constantly on the road and not having a license to Customer Success Center, Sam would not have had this information at his fingertips if it weren’t for Zoe.

Customer Success + Zoe = Data-Driven Customer Conversations

With Zoe’s compact interface in Slack, Clicktale’s CSMs can quickly demonstrate to customers their account coverage by showing usage trends, health scores, and Touchpoints.

Finance + Zoe = More Efficiency in Day to Day Processes

Instead of downloading spreadsheets or logging into Salesforce, Clicktale’s finance team now has access to account team data and renewal dates for customers frictionlessly via Zoe in Slack.

Product + Zoe = Prepared for Every Customer Meeting

Instead of emailing the customer success team for reports or asking for the names of ideal beta customers, Clicktale’s product managers can quickly get the product usage information they need from Zoe.

Support + Zoe = Informed Decisions when Resolving Issues

Zoe provides visibility into the business context of the customer when solving cases, so Clicktale’s support agents are able to make more informed decisions and recommendations.

“Zoe is a sophisticated, professional tool that assures our customers that every team in our company is focused on their success. It makes it clear that we are all monitoring exactly what’s going on with their account at all times.” – Sam Eisenmann, Strategic Sales Director EMEA

Want to align your company around real-time customer data?

Totango customers can activate their free trial of Zoe today. If you haven’t seen Zoe in action yet, request a demo to experience the power behind the only customer success technology that involves the entire company.


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