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DNA-CX is now protected by Totango Shield

Totango data shield for security

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Your customers are your most important asset and their data is critical for your business. We’re launching Totango Shield today. Totango Shield provides comprehensive protection for all of your sensitive information in DNA-CX and allows you to automatically comply with internal security policies and external regulations, including the new GDPR going into effect May 2018.

The first version of Totango Shield includes SuccessTeams, SSO for Google, data encryption at rest as well as over the network, and our newest feature, Sensitive Data.

  • Sensitive Data allows you to control access to sensitive information. You can define which user attributes are sensitive and prevent them from being viewed.
  • SuccessTeams allows your organization to create teams based on specific accounts or other business parameters to promote greater productivity and efficiency.
  • Google SSO allows G Suite users to sign into Totango with Google credentials.

Together, these features provide advanced protection for your most important asset – your critical customer data! We also continue to stay compliant with the latest 3rd party security certifications, including Privacy Shield Framework, TRUSTe, and ISO27001 – ensuring we have all of the bases covered.

Let us know if you would like to see a demo of our new solution or would like more information on any of Totango’s products.

Ravit Danino

As our head of product, Ravit is building the next generation of Customer Success. She brings a wealth of experience leading product at Marketo, HP, and Mercury Interactive.

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