Totango’s Adding a “Spark” to Customer Health Metrics and Executive Dashboards

We understand your need to get results faster. That’s why we’ve launched Spark – the only goal-oriented customer success platform that accelerates the results of your CS initiatives. If you’re a Customer Success Manager, you need to target and execute activities that will have the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time. And as an Executive, you need visibility into customer health to know that everything is on track to meet business goals. 

In our release of Spark last week, we’re excited to roll out Totango’s new Executive Console and Health Designer – two features that enable Customer Success organizations to move fast and drive impact so they can exceed their goals.

Introducing the New Spark Executive Console

Spark Executive Console

The Executive Console includes a set of four dashboards that give visibility into goals achieved across team performance, revenue, usage, and health metrics. Having the insights from these four dashboards will empower you to move quickly across all fronts and help you make decisions based on the most relevant and timely data.

The Team Performance dashboard has been enhanced by the release of Work Focus, which makes it easy for you to view each CSM’s activities by specific stages of the customer journey and easily adjust how they focus their time.

Work Focus


Introducing Spark’s Health Designer

Built upon the foundation of Totango’s superior rules-based health model, Health Designer offers the most comprehensive and flexible solution for defining and accurately predicting real-time customer health for any account type imaginable. 

Health Designer

Health Designer enables users to define and calculate customer health scores at the most granular level available in the market. The flexibility to assign different health metrics and formulas for every business unit and product line gives your company the most accurate picture of overall health.

Health Designer

After you’ve defined your new customer health metrics, your CS team can easily preview changes to the new health profiles and see the effects on accounts before implementing them across the entire organization. Health Preview

No faster way to get results than with Spark

We invite you to see a demo of the Spark executive dashboard. It’s time to start driving impact and achieve your business goals.

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