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TSW Spring 2018

Totango at TSW San Diego 2018

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Customer success is hot. Notably, over 50% of the attendees at TSIA’s Spring TSW event this year were in customer success. TSW buzzed with people who were both in the know and those looking to better understand what Customer Success really means and how to get started. Organizations are finally recognizing they cannot afford to ignore their most important asset – their customer. That’s where Customer Success comes in.

TSW’s 2018 theme was Blending Service and Sales Motions. The event focused on how to take customer data and turn it into actionable insights using new technologies and increasing collaboration among sales and service. According to Thomas Lah, Executive Director TSIA, traditional software companies now have 22% of revenue coming from SaaS businesses. What does that trend mean for these companies?

SaaS solutions have short license terms – typically one year, but usually not more than three. Under those terms, customers can change solutions in short order and often without showing any outward indication they are unhappy with the product. Companies are struggling with how to handle this new order. According to Lah, organizations need to spend more time driving adoption and expansion as a regular business activity. How do they do that?

The most significant and impactful way is to add value every step along the customer journey. Hence, the increased focus on Customer Success solutions. CS solutions enable organizations to monitor, measure, and report on customer health which incorporates a variety of factors including usage, adoption, and support issues. Having a tool that guides, automates, and systematizes these functions allows companies to be proactive with their customers and solve issues quickly and efficiently.

Totango recently launched Spark, our new goal-oriented platform to drive better results faster. After talking to hundreds of customers, we discovered one important thing: companies need more ways to measure the value they’re bringing to their customers.

CS teams should align with their customer’s goals to continuously drive value and keep them happy. TSW reminded us that you need to have your organization working in harmony, including service, support, and sales. Totango developed Zoe with that objective in mind. Zoe enables everyone in the organization to contribute to CS and drive value. Zoe, along with Spark’s results-oriented framework, helps CS teams be more efficient and effective so they can deliver on achieving customer goals and creating value.

Customer Success will drive customer expansion and retention. We need to ensure we deliver the KPIs, best practices, and playbooks to deliver our promises to the customer. That’s Totango’s mission.

Jill Rubin

Jill is a senior marketing and business development executive with experience leading successful teams in both large companies and startups. She has taken companies from early stage to strong revenue growth and propelled established businesses to industry leadership positions.

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