We Are Upgrading All Users to Spark

In the early half of 2018 we launched Spark, which enables Customer Success teams to focus on results rather than task and activities. At that time, we made a commitment to provide our customers with the time and assistance they needed to fully transition their business. We have two important points to share on this transition:

1. We will be upgrading all users to Spark on February 28th and shutting down the Customer Success Center

We believe that Spark is the best platform for driving customer success in your businesses and it seems you agree with us. As of now, the vast majority of you have already completed the transition and are using Spark to run your businesses. For the next three weeks, we will continue to make the classic UI available for any customers who have not yet upgraded. We have multiple resources available in our Knowledge Base for those who are still working through the transition.

2. Spark.totango.com will be retired on the same day.

During the Spark beta, the only way to access the product was by logging in through spark.totango.com. Some of you still use this method today, so you should be aware that we are retiring spark.totango.com. To access Spark, all you need to do is log in using the standard app.totango.com login page.  

What to Expect on Feb. 28th

There are three main changes you should be aware of, as they will affect the current experience for anyone on your team still using the Customer Success Center:

1. All users, regardless of their previous activity, will see the new Spark user interface when they log in on Feb. 28th.

Unless they have already upgraded to Spark, when a member of your team logs into Totango today, they see the Customer Success Center classic UI. On Feb. 28th, they will be logged into Spark without having to take action.

2. All of your existing Segments, Campaigns, Reports, and SuccesPlays will be accessible through the new Tools menu.

Spark organizes all of your content and data into SuccessBLOCs. Existing content will be fully retained and moved into the Tools menu.

3. The ability to switch back to the Customer Success Center will no longer exist.

Currently, all Totango users have the ability to switch between Spark and the Customer Success Center via the user preferences menu. This capability will no longer exist as of Feb. 28th.

A Purpose Built Platform for Driving Results

We’ve said time and again that Spark is the fastest way to get results. Here’s how it lives up to that promise:

  • SuccessBLOCs allow you to organize and optimize your operations with Scorecards, Segments, SuccessPlays, Campaigns and more.
  • Timeline and Progress Segment views help you identify bottlenecks and speed time to value for your customers.
  • Customizable Account Profile Layouts give you the flexibility you need to ensure your team is always presented with the most important data for every customer.
  • With SuccessTeams you can manage your team’s access to accounts and data throughout Totango, as granularly as you want.


Question: Where can I find more resources to help me migrate?

Answer: The following resources are available to all customers:

Question: Can my CSM help me?

Answer: Absolutely. We highly encourage anyone who has yet to upgrade to reach out to their CSM.

Question: What if I’m not able to build all of my SuccessBLOCs before the 28th?

Answer: Don’t worry! Because everything you built while using the Customer Success Center is still available in the Tools menu, you can continue to migrate your Segments, SuccessPlays, Campaigns, and Reports into your SuccessBLOCs after the 28th.

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