In February we had three releases focused on two main themes: scale management and enterprise-grade customization. The new features and enhancements are designed to help you scale your operations and create a better experience for your users.

Scale Management

Stay Organized with new OneDrive and Google Drive Integrations

You can now connect your OneDrive or Google Drive accounts, enabling you to upload assets to SuccessBLOCs and attach them directly to Accounts. Learn More.

Keep Everyone On The Same Page With Default Segment Views

Whether you’re using segments to run one-on-ones with your CSMs, monitor product adoption, or for managing complex implementations, savable default segment views allow you to keep everyone on the same page and working off the same sets of data. Learn More.

Optimize Your Engagements With Improved Hierarchy Support For SuccessPlays

We’ve expanded hierarchy support for SuccessPlays. This enhancement enables you to expand and restrict the number of tasks that are triggered when multiple child accounts qualify for a SuccessPlay. Learn More.

Speed up Your Workflow With Bulk Actions for System Users

We made it easier for you to manage scale with Totango by implementing bulk actions for adding users to SuccessTeams, updating licenses, sending invites, and managing access to your Totango instance. Learn More.

Concise and Fast Activity Stream

We’ve updated DNA-CX to store activity stream data in a more efficient data store, which has resulted in a 3X reduction in Activity Stream load times.

Add Color to Lifecycle Stages

Lifecycle Stage attributes enable you to define, track, and report on your customer’s progression through the various stages of the customer lifecycle. We’ve enhanced the Lifecycle attribute to allow for global admins to customize the color of each stage. Learn More.

Enterprise Customization

Your Team Better Support with Customizable Support Links

This new feature allows admins to customize the support menu experience in their instance. Admins now have the capabilities to connect your team to your internal help desk and restrict access to Totango support. Learn More.

Align Your Teams Around the Customer Journey with New Team Types

The new Team Types feature give you the ability to categorize your various SuccessTeams, providing a convenient way for Global Admins to search, sort, and manage SuccessTeams. Learn More.

Protect Data Accuracy With New Read-Only Attribute Settings

In order to gain the full picture of your customers, you need accurate and up-to-date data from multiple systems and data sources. When data is pushed to Totango from external sources, it’s important that those data remain locked-down to ensure that the full view of the customer is accurately preserved. With the new read-only attribute setting, Totango Admins have full control over both Account and User attribute editability. Learn more.

Accurately Display Contract Values in Your Local Currency

We know many of you have global customer bases of your own, and that it’s important to have contract values displayed in the correct local currency. With new formattable currency attributes, you now have that ability. Learn More.

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