We believe that a fast & frictionless experience in Totango is necessary for empowering your team to drive results. For our first of two May releases, we’re excited to share seven new features and enhancements aligned with our roadmap themes of enabling single click engagements and extensibility.


New Feature: Model Reporting Structure in SuccessTeams

Organization Hierarchies is a brand new feature that allows you to model your business’ manager/ direct report relationships in Spark and leverage them throughout the application. This feature includes three new segment definitions:

  • Direct reports of…
  • Direct reports that are not managers…
  • All reports of…

These segment definitions can be used to dynamically add and remove members from SuccessTeams, update Scorecard KPIs, control access to customer data and more. We’ve demonstrated how to add all direct reports of Nate Richardson to a SuccessTeam below. To learn more about this feature, check out this article.

Enhancement: Health Change as Segment Criteria

This highly requested enhancement allows you to define segments based on health changes within a specific time period. For example, you can create a segment of accounts whos health increased from average to good in the last 90 days. Here’s what that looks like in practice:

Enhancement: Improved Download of Segments

Previously, when exporting a segment to a CSV file, Totango would send you an email with a download link. Now, the file will download immediately, saving you time and eliminating the chance of your file getting caught in spam filters.

Enhancement: Find Assets with Global Search

In Spark, you can upload assets, such as slide decks and documents, directly to SuccessBLOCs and attach them to accounts and tasks/ touchpoints. To help you find those assets more quickly, we’ve exposed them in Global Search.


New Feature: Upload Aggregated Usage Data

It’s now possible to upload aggregated usage data, such as daily active users and the total number of activities, to Spark. This is a useful feature for anyone who has aggregated usage data in other systems that they want to get into Spark. You can even automate this process by scheduling uploads in the integration hub. To learn more about this feature, check out this article.

Enhancement: Unique Assignment of Account Roles

Account Roles in Totango align with functional roles in your organization, such as Success Manager or Account Executive. Having the right role assigned to the right user is important for things like team performance reporting and segmentation.
Previously, when uploading account roles in bulk or syncing from another system, a user’s name was used as the unique identifier for mapping roles to team members. This enhancement allows you to use a user’s email address as the unique identifier, which significantly reduces errors during upload. To learn more about this improvement, check out this article.

New Feature: Integration Hub Execution Reporting

When there’s an issue with your customer data pipeline, it’s important to notify the right people as soon as possible to reduce data loss and downtime. To help enable that, we’ve enhanced our reporting & notifications settings to allow you to define what errors you get notified about, when you get notified about them, and who gets notified. To learn more about this feature, check out this article.

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