All spring the Totango product team has been working hard on building features that make it easier than ever to get data into Spark, and once it’s in, keep it safe. You’ve seen this with new features like Integration Hub Execution Reporting (which we’ve expanded on in this release), and enhancements like read-only attribute settings and new Minio integration.

Because you’ve told us that these things are so important to you, we continued to work on them. Keep reading to learn about five ways we’ve made Totango even more extensible and secure.

Enhancement: Securely share customer data

With Shield, we’ve always kept your customer data safe and secure because we know it is one of your most important assets. With this release, we’ve introduced domain whitelisting for Shield which enables you to define specific domains that Zoe Share and Segment Triggers can deliver CSV files to. This simple-to-configure enhancement gives you tight control over where your customer data can be sent.

To get started, head into the General section of Global Settings, enable the feature and start adding your list of trusted domains. Learn more

Enhancement: Custom Webhooks for Integration Hub Execution Reports

We recently released significant enhancements to Integration Hub Execution Reports that introduced the ability to specify what types of execution reports you and your team receive and which communication channels they’re sent through. To date, those channels have included Slack and email. With this release, we’ve expanded the available communication channels to include custom webhooks, allowing you to send Execution Reports to any system that has an API. Now, you’ll always know the status of your upload jobs, so you can react to and resolve issues faster. Learn more

New: API Endpoint for File Uploads

Because data collection processes are dynamic, we wanted to give you a way to dynamically trigger your file uploads. We’ve achieved this by introducing a way to create API endpoints for each of your recurring file upload processes. While you can still set a recurring schedule for each process, this feature enables you to kick-off the upload only when the file is ready. Learn more

Enhancement: SuccessBLOC table headers for simple sorting

You told us that you wanted an easier way to locate the resources in your SuccessBLOCs, so we’ve added new table headers for Segments, Reports, and Assets. Simply click on a column header once to sort in ascending order, or twice to sort in descending order.

Enhancement: Platform performance

We’re always working hard to improve the performance of Totango because we know that speed and agility are vital components of your customer-driven growth engine. With this release, we’ve implemented additional measures that have resulted in a three-fold increase in overall platform performance and file upload speeds.

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