Totango Product Updates | June 16th, 2019

Every day customers are bringing more data than ever into Totango. With this release, we set out to address this by focusing on three things:

  • Make it easy for you to organize all of that data
  • Build better ways to make sense of that data
  • Ensure that your team can focus on the data signals and not get bogged down by noise

We’ve achieved those objectives with the introduction of the new Attribute Dimensions, Email Notification Settings, and improved SuccessFlow Segment Filters. Keep reading to learn more.

Attribute Dimensions

We are excited to release new Attribute Dimensions, which enables you to apply business semantics to your customer data model while still maintaining flexibility.

Dimensions are customizable categories that allow you to group data in a logical way. For example, Contract Information dimension that includes data related to the contract of the account like Contract Start Date and Contract Value to it. Here are some examples of the out-of-the-box Dimensions we’ve included:

  • Account Information
  • Support
  • Forecasting
  • Health
  • Utilization
  • Adoption
  • License
  • Subscription

How do I start using Dimensions?

Dimensions are available today in Spark under Global Settings. Get started now by adding a new Dimension called Feedback for all of your survey responses.

For additional information on Attribute Dimensions, check out this article.

SuccessFlow Segment Filters

Today you’re using SuccessFlows to keep track of the types of engagements your team has with customers like support interactions and business reviews. Part of the value of SuccessFlows is they help you identify opportunities to optimize the customer journey and get insights into what your team is spending their time on. And now, with new Segment Filters for SuccessFlows, you can get even deeper insights with the ability to query for open, completed and overdue tasks by SuccessFlow.

How do I get started using new SuccessFlow Segment Filters?

These new filters are available now when creating Account Segments. To get started, create a segment for all accounts with open Adoption tasks due in the next 14 days. This new functionality also includes the ability to add columns for each SuccessFlow to your segment, so don’t forget to add them in to get the complete picture.

Email Notification Settings

When it comes to separating signal from noise, Totango outshines the competition in every way. But “better” just isn’t good enough for us. That’s why we’ve taken it even further and introduced the ability to block all SuccessPlay and Daily Digest emails from being sent to your team. While these notification emails can be incredibly valuable, we know that your team is primarily managing their tasks directly in Totango. This new setting will allow you to keep everyone’s inbox clean so they can focus on what’s most important: your customers.

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