Totango Product Updates | July 1st, 2019

We know that our customers spend their day to day in Totango Spark. This enables them to always stay up to date with their customers’ status and goals. This year we are focusing a lot on Customer Success Manager productivity and just released  Account Profile Links to enable them quick access to all systems. Keep reading to learn how this feature will enable your team to focus on customers and deliver results.

Custom Account Profile Links

Totango is your one-stop-shop for all customer data; however, it’s not necessarily the system of record for 100% of that customer data. In fact, it’s common for Totango customers to integrate with dozens of systems. Sometimes it’s necessary to go into these other systems to gather context about a particular customer. So, we’ve made it simple to configure custom links that enable you to open corresponding records in third-party systems directly from the Totango account profile page.

As a reminder at the beginning of every quarter, you are encouraged to join our Roadmap Preview webinar hosted by Totango’s Senior Vice President of Product Management, Ravit Danino. The next session is on July 10th and space is limited, so make sure you register now!

This will be a great oppurtonity for us to share with you our great plan for Totango’s third quarter of the year (July-September).

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