Committing to our customers’ success in these challenging times

Dear Totango Community,

In these unprecedented times, I wanted to personally reach out to you to express our concern and support for you, your families and your businesses. We at Totango will continue to be here to support you for whatever you need, personal or professional. Please simply reach out and let us know what we can do to help.

The safety of our employees and community is of paramount importance to us and as such we’ve taken steps over the last few weeks to protect all – ceasing non-essential travel and implementing a work from home policy. With our highly remote global workforce already in place and managing our own customer engagement in Totango, these changes have caused minimal disruption for us.

Your business continuity and your ability to drive value to your customers are more important than ever before. Our products and services are designed to help you go through the changes you have to make to your business, communication, and processes as you support your own customers. 

Totango is built for moments like this. I highly recommend that you take advantage of all the digital capabilities of Totango: campaigns, the SuccessBLOC gallery, dynamic assignment, touchpoints (and internal notes), to easily share and collaborate both internally and with your customers. We are going to share with you in the next few days a complete COVID-19 Readiness SuccessBLOC in the SuccessBLOC gallery, designed to give you a complete engagement model and best practices to implement for your business quickly. 

We are here for you! For our customers whose businesses are growing exponentially due to the crisis, we are now offering burst up capabilities for both licenses and accounts to support their rapid growth. For our customers struggling with internal communication and coordination in this now all remote work environment, we are offering Zoe licenses for your entire business for rapid internal deployment immediately.

We have an amazing team at Totango with a relentless commitment to your success. This is the moment we should all come together and work in collaboration to support one another as we go through these turbulent times. We’re dedicated to being the best partner we can be for you, your team and your business. 

We’ll be sure to keep you updated and stay in close contact in the days ahead. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions, feedback or requests. 



Guy Nirpaz
CEO & Founder, Totango

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