agile customer success software

How to Bring Agile Innovation to Customer Success

4 – min read When you bring agile innovation to customer success, you empower your CS strategy with the latest technology. This gains you the ability to implement CS …

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time to upgrade your cs software
Best Practices

When Should You Upgrade CS Software?

4 – min read Whether you’re not using a customer success platform yet or you’re using an aging CS tool, there comes a time when you need to upgrade …

key customer success platform integrations, salesforce, hubspot, dropbox, zuora, jira, zendesk, segment, zapier
Customer Success

8 Customer Success Tools to Enhance Your CS Software

3 – min read Customer success tools extend the functionality of your CS platform, multiplying its value. By connecting data from other success tools to your CS tool, you can …

what you should pay your customer success managers
Customer Success

CSM Compensation Plans: Factors that Matter

3 – min read There is no one-size-fits-all formula for designing customer success compensation plans. Each company is unique and has different goals and KPIs in place that affect …

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elevate customer experience
Customer Experience

The New Normal: Today’s Brand Must Elevate Customer Experience to Compete

4 – min read The COVID-19 pandemic has forced brands to elevate customer experience to stay competitive. As more consumers turned to e-commerce, more companies had to step up …

Totango Aruba Webinar questions and answers
Customer Engagement

Q&A with Aruba: How We Scaled Our Customer Engagement Strategy

9 – min read What do you do when you realize that 95 percent of your customer base is tech-touch and you don’t have the manpower to properly engage …

nps follow up questions, closing the loop
Voice of the Customer

Net Promoter Score Question Best Practices: How to Ask Them and How to Follow Up

7 – min read The Net Promoter Score question provides one of the most effective tools for predicting customer loyalty and brand advocacy. It reflects both how enthusiastic customers …

on24, walkme, all-star customer success, totango
Customer Success

5 Tips for Leading an All-Star Customer Success Team

2 – min read Building and leading a customer success team is no easy feat. From gaining the buy-in of other departments to training team members and earning customers’ …

what to do when a customer ghosts you
Customer Engagement

How to Be a Customer Success Ghostbuster

4 – min read What’s scarier than a ghost roaming around your attic? Being ghosted by a client – especially one that you’ve put a lot of time and …

nps and customer health are not the same
Voice of the Customer

Why NPS Scoring Isn’t Enough For Customer Success

4 – min read Net Promoter Score tells you how likely customers are to recommend you, but is that all you need to know for customer success? NPS scoring …

customer journey optimization, customer journey mapping, buyer journey optimization
Customer Journey

Customer Journey Optimization: 2021 Beginner’s Guide

5 – min read Customer journey optimization lets you map a path to consistently satisfying experiences throughout client lifecycles. This delivers better service for your customers and better results …

how to respond to angry customers, manage customer escalations

5 Tips for Better Customer Success: Respond to Upset Customer Downgrades Effectively

4 – min read For effective customer success, respond to upset customer downgrades proactively. Just because a client downgrades, they don’t have to churn. In fact, you can use a …

drive product adoption, increase adoption, how to improve user adoption
Product Adoption

Understand What Is Driving Customer Adoption

2 – min read Knowing what is driving customer adoption provides the information you can use to boost retention. Let’s look at three of the biggest keys. Continuous Onboarding …

How to Get Customer Feedback
Voice of the Customer

Learn How to Get Customer Feedback Easily and Efficiently

4 – min read Knowing how to get customer feedback can be tricky. First, there is the challenge of getting customers to share feedback. Customers who are upset will …

Totango gets $100million in Funding and thanks customers
Totango Company Updates

Growing The Customer Success Category: Totango’s $100M Funding

2 – min read Today, I’m very excited to announce that we raised $100M in a Series D funding led by Great Hill Partners with participation from our long-time …

Customer Satisfaction Survey, Customer Feedback
Voice of the Customer

What Is CSAT and How Can It Help You Improve Satisfaction?

4 – min read What is CSAT, what is it good for and how do you track it and use it? In this post, we’ll focus on this important …

pros and cons of a freemium model
Product Led Growth

Should You Use a Freemium SaaS Model to Sell Your App?

6 – min read The freemium SaaS model, where you offer limited free use of your product to promote a premium version, has become common in the tech industry. …

what influences customer satisfaction
Customer Health

Learn What Influences Customer Satisfaction in Order to Increase Retention

4 – min read Knowing what influences customer satisfaction can help you improve your clients’ experience and increase retention rates. Here we’ll focus on five of the top factors …

b2b, client engagement strategies
Customer Engagement

3 Winning B2B Client Engagement Strategies

5 – min read B2B client engagement strategies can help you retain more customers if you know which best practices to follow. B2B engagement differs from B2C engagement in …