freemium equals free plus premium
Product Led Growth

What is a Freemium Strategy?

3 – min read A freemium strategy forms a foundation for SaaS marketing, but it’s often used without being understood. Here’s a closer look at the basics. We’ll define what …

how to automate escalation management

Automate Escalation Processes for Optimized Customer Experience

3 – min read Escalation processes can determine whether a customer renews or churns. This makes your escalation management strategy a key to effective customer retention. In this blog, …

share the love
Customer Engagement

Engage your customers with a Valentine’s Day email. Show them you care.

2 – min read Valentine’s Day is traditionally thought of as a holiday for couples to celebrate their love, but it’s also simply a special day to show appreciation …

sevenrooms uses totango to adapt quickly in uncertain times.
Best Practices

Top 5 takeaways from Totango’s CXO Series – Virtual Event featuring SevenRooms

2 – min read Yesterday we hosted the second event in our CXO Series for Customer Success executives. I didn’t think this one could be better than the last, …

Work from Home
Best Practices

Tips from Totango Team: 7 Ways to Work Smarter from Home

2 – min read At Totango, we’re about success. Your customers’ and your own. So, now that everybody’s working remotely, we asked around our virtual office for suggestions of …

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