Big Data

2nd Annual SaaS Metrics Survey Results

2 – min read See the full infographic here. Get the 2012 SaaS Metrics report here. Today we are announcing the results of the second annual SaaS metrics survey results. …

Customer Analytics

Amy’s Customer Success Manifesto – Part4:Lucidera Case Study

< 1 – min read This is the last part of our interview with Amy Friedman a four-time customer success pro. In this last version Amy speaks about Customer Success …

Customer Engagement

Amy’s Customer Success Management Manifesto – Part 1:Responsibilities

2 – min read Amy Friedman, an experienced customer success management professional on the front line speaks candidly about the role and responsibilities of a customer success manager as well as what it takes to be successful in this field.

Customer Analytics

How customer engagement can predict profits

2 – min read Loved John Dillon’s (CEO of our partner Engine Yard) blog on customer engagement in Forbes! He says (amongst many other things): Why is doing a …

Customer Engagement

Five Tips to Customer Love

2 – min read When you’re in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business, you should think of how to attract your users to your application in a way they’d be more …

Customer Engagement

Customer Health Dashboard

< 1 – min read Today, we’re excited to announce a major new functionality in Totango. The Totango Customer Health Dashboard – A unique way to know, track and proactively …

Customer Engagement

Drive Adoption with Billing

4 – min read Promotional discounts, credits or value-add offers can be an important part of a product launch strategy. A properly timed discount, upsell or cross-sell or “bundling” …

Customer Retention & Churn

Customer Success How To: Learning from Customers Who Churn

3 – min read Nobody likes it when a customer cancels their subscription. In SaaS companies where the bottom-line is so heavily dependent on Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV), churn …

Customer Retention & Churn

What Do Customer Success Managers Need?

2 – min read The research of The Customer Success Management Initiative is revealing that while many SaaS/Cloud companies are hiring individual Customer Success Managers, or even establishing entire …

Customer Engagement

Tip on How to Reduce Churn (Even in Low-Touch Models)

< 1 – min read Another tip taken during Sales 2.0 from Darren Suomi, VP Sales at HootSuite – this time regarding the self-service model and how to adjust it …

Best Practices

3 Ways to calculate SaaS Churn (and churn cohorts)

2 – min read Last week, Jason Cohen wrote a very comprehensive blog on software-as-a-service churn: Deep Dive – Cancellation Rate in SaaS Business Models. I required everybody at …

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