Learn best practices to identify at-risk customers, increase contract renewals, improve customer retention, and decrease churn.

Customer Retention & Churn

Building an Early Warning System

2 – min read Many of the companies we talk to today all have the same challenge, they are sick and tired of fire fighting their customer accounts. Fire fighting …

Customer Retention & Churn

4th Annual SaaS Metrics Report: Disconnect between intentions and reality?

2 – min read We’re happy to release the results of our annual SaaS Metrics Survey. This year we received over 500 responses, a 100% increase from last year …

Customer Retention & Churn

Top 10 Reasons for Customer Account Cancellation (and what you can do to stop it)

4 – min read Identify the top 10 reasons for account cancellation and what you can do to prevent them. Learn customer success tips on the Totango Blog It’s …

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Customer Retention & Churn

The Responsibility of Customer Retention: Whose job is it anyway?

2 – min read Here’s a cool article I came across by Dave Brock titled “Customer Retention, Whose job is it anyway“. Does your organization hold sales accountable for …

Customer Retention & Churn

Customer Success How To: Learning from Customers Who Churn

3 – min read Nobody likes it when a customer cancels their subscription. In SaaS companies where the bottom-line is so heavily dependent on Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV), churn …

Customer Retention & Churn

On User Retention as a Service

< 1 – min read Paul Stamatiou is doing a great job describing the concept of “User Retention as a Service” and from the long thread of comments, we can …

Customer Retention & Churn

Tip on How to Reduce Churn (Even in Low-Touch Models)

< 1 – min read Another tip taken during Sales 2.0 from Darren Suomi, VP Sales at HootSuite – this time regarding the self-service model and how to adjust it …

Customer Retention & Churn

3 Ways to calculate SaaS Churn (and churn cohorts)

2 – min read Last week, Jason Cohen wrote a very comprehensive blog on software-as-a-service churn: Deep Dive – Cancellation Rate in SaaS Business Models. I required everybody at …

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