Effective customer retention software will gather customer information and create actionable, results-driven goals.
Customer Retention & Churn

Is Customer Retention Management Software Worth It?

4 – min read Customers are the building blocks of enterprise. Retain them over the long haul and they’ll provide the stability and dependable revenue that forms the launchpad …

Your CS team members should be assigned a specific role and set of responsibilities that facilitates smooth operations.
Customer Success

Understanding the Customer Success Team Structure

5 – min read The success of an enterprise depends more than ever on the Customer Success (CS) team. A CS team’s primary purpose is to build, maintain …

customer centric enterprise

Customer Success: Roles Within a B2B Enterprise

3 – min read When customers succeed using your product, your enterprise succeeds. To accomplish that, you need a well-structured customer success team with clearly defined roles within the …

What does a Customer Success Manager (CSM) do, and how can they improve your customers journey?
Best Practices

The Top 5 Customer Success Manager Best Practices

4 – min read Customer Success Managers (CSMs) work hard to provide the best customer experience possible by prioritizing customer needs and helping them throughout the customer journey. They …

Building a strong customer success team is the first step to achieving sustainable, long-term growth.
Best Practices

Five Tips for Building a Customer Success Team

5 – min read In the customer-centered economy, your customer success (CS) team is invaluable. The team’s goal is to retain your hard-won customers and help them grow by …

totango lunch
Best Practices

Customer Success for the Enterprise Luncheon Creates an Interactive CS Experience in The Bay Area

3 – min read The Customer Success for the Enterprise, luncheon held on Nov. 6th, in Palo Alto was an invitation-only event hosted by Totango, the leader in Customer …

Customer Success

Map Customer Success To Your Global Organization With SuccessTeams

2 – min read Every company, especially a large enterprise, builds an organizational structure around their customer operations. Whether by region, product, vertical, or any other business parameter they …

Best Practices

How to Nurture Customers During the Long Growth Stage

< 1 – min read After new customers are fully onboarded, they move along the customer journey into the growth stage (nurture or adoption stage). For most recurring revenue companies, …

Best Practices

Customer Success – The Farming Paradigm (With Gifs!)

2 – min read   So we all know farmers. Source: thehappiestdonut.tumblr.com   No, not that type of farmer…. the kind that grows trees. For thousands of years, they …

Customer Success

3 Things Customer Success Management Is NOT

3 – min read What is the best way to manage your customers? It’s the billion dollar question that subscription businesses want to know. As customer success continues to …

Best Practices

When Is The Right Time For a Customer Success Solution?

2 – min read You know the fastest growing SaaS companies have the best record on churn and upsell. You’ve heard the success stories. You attended the Customer Success …

Best Practices

Introducing “Farm Don’t Hunt: The Definitive Guide to Customer Success”

2 – min read I am very proud to share more on the publication of my new book, Farm Don’t Hunt: The Definitive Guide to Customer Success. I’ve written …

Customer Success Business
Customer Retention & Churn

The Business of Customer Success

< 1 – min read Customer Success is a brand new profession. Its origin is based on the need for subscription and lifetime focused business to retain and grow their …

Customer Success Management

New Release: Scale Customer Success team operations with SuccessPlays and Account Scorecards

2 – min read Think of having a customer success coach built into your customer success software. That’s what these features do – guide actionable best practices, automate team processes, and give customer success managers the account benchmarking information they need at the right time.

Customer Experience Management

Totango In Action: Helping Customer Success Professionals Win

< 1 – min read As a Customer Success professional sometimes your job can seem daunting. You are responsible for driving the success of your entire customer portfolio and make …

Best Practices

3 questions every new VP of Customer Success should answer

2 – min read Customer Success Summit is returning to San Francisco March 21-22, 2016. Register today! Part of the Customer Success Summit On-Demand Series Starting a new job anywhere …

Customer Success Management

Customer Success Reimagined

2 – min read When you’re in an industry that has completely taken off, sometimes you need to take a step back and say, “what were we trying to …

Best Practices

Building an Early Warning System

2 – min read Many of the companies we talk to today all have the same challenge, they are sick and tired of fire fighting their customer accounts. Fire fighting …

Best Practices

Top 3 lessons learned from building today’s best in class customer success

2 – min read At Totango we’ve worked with over 200 customers of all sizes to help design, build and deploy best-in-class customer success management programs for their organization. …

Customer Success Executives

Customer Success Manager: A day in the life

4 – min read What does a Customer Success Manager do? After hosting our inaugural Customer Success Summit, the consensus was that a lot of people don’t know what …

Best Practices

Managing and prioritizing your at-risk accounts and growth opportunities

2 – min read As a customer success manager, you always have to consider an account’s contractual state in conjunction to their level of engagement with the product. High …

Best Practices

Customer Success Chronicles: Clarizen Brings the Customer’s Voice to the Executive Level

< 1 – min read Not all superheroes wear capes, this one wears a nice shirt. I sat down with Roni Feldsher, Director of Customer Success at Clarizen to discuss …

Best Practices

Good to Great: A Session To Take Your Marketing The Next Level

< 1 – min read Join us at Good to Great a free virtual event powered by Marketing Nation, that’s an online conference that connects you to a network of ideas, …

Best Practices

9 Customer Engagement Plays You Should Implement For Customer Success

< 1 – min read Last week our CMO Dominique and Directors of Customer Success Jeremy Malander and Josh Santos from BlueJeans Network and Clarizen respectively shared 9 ideas that …

Customer Engagement

3 Steps to Higher Conversions With Happy and Engaged Users (Infographic)

< 1 – min read In our 2012 SaaS Conversions Benchmark report, we concluded that happy and engaged users result in more conversions. Our report showed that Best-in-Class SaaS companies …

Customer Success

Top 3 Priorities of a Customer Success Manager

2 – min read Earlier last month we posted a poll on LinkedIn asking other customer success managers: “What should be the first priority of a customer success manager?” …

Business Insights

OVUM: On The Radar – Totango

< 1 – min read “On the Radar” is OVUM’s research report where they look at interesting new ideas and startups that their clients might be interested in knowing about. …

Best Practices

Customer Success Management Forum Videos (1 of 2): What to look for and tools to use

< 1 – min read Totango recently sponsored a gathering of customer success professionals named “The Customer Success Management Forum” organized by Mikael Blaisdell from the Hotline Magazine.  It was …

Customer Engagement

Amy’s Customer Success Management Manifesto – Part2:Challenges

2 – min read Amy Friedman, an experienced customer success management professional on the front line speaks candidly about the challenges and solutions of a customer success manager as well as what it takes to be successful in this field.

Customer Engagement

Amy’s Customer Success Management Manifesto – Part 1:Responsibilities

2 – min read Amy Friedman, an experienced customer success management professional on the front line speaks candidly about the role and responsibilities of a customer success manager as well as what it takes to be successful in this field.

Customer Engagement

4 Benefits of Keeping Your Customer Engaged

2 – min read Companies that design and deliver excellent customer experience (CX) have more engaged customers. Customer engagement is not something that happens by chance but rather an …

Best Practices

4 Things You Must Know About Customer Experience Management

2 – min read Bruce Temkin, former VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, recently did a keynote at the European Customer Experience World (ECEW) and shared what he …

Business Insights

Suffering from siloed customer data? Time to get that business in order!

2 – min read Companies today are able to capture a wealth of customer data and information, but oftentimes the biggest challenge is figuring out how to manage and …

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